Varieties and properties of diopside

Varieties of stone in nature are quite a few. Coloration depends on the impurities in the composition of the mineral. Typically specimens are large enough, elongated, with clear faces.


The subspecies of magnesium silicate and calcium is divided into opaque, translucent and transparent completely. Several varieties of gems are known: 

  • laurovite;
  • “black star”;
  • violan;
  • salit;
  • chromdiopside; chefferite
  • .

The “Black Star” received the mineral for its ability to collect the light refracted by it in the form of a star. A golden figure appears on the surface of the stone. “Black Star” is called one of the rarest jewels on the planet.

Due to the presence of vanadium laurovite, the crystal has a spectacular apple-green hue. Salita name given by Sala deposit in Sweden. Yellow or green stone can also be colorless.

The characteristic purple color of the violan was provided by impurities of manganese and iron. From all subspecies of the diopside, the violan is named one of the most beautiful.

Extremely rare shefferite manganese endowed with red-brown color.

The Siberian emerald chrome painted the rich color of the greens. Transbaikal gems or baykalites have a bluish hue. This variety is recognized as very valuable.


Pure semi-and fully transparent crystals are readily used by jewelers. Samples with impurities are included. However, the gemcolor has a great fragility, so it is difficult to handle because of the risk of splitting.

Due to the multiplicity of microscopic defects, crystals no more than 5 carats are taken to make decorations. Often the stone is divided into several small ones. Such products look especially stylish and spectacular

Care such accessories require special. They are definitely taken off before training and bedtime. Store decorations in special cases.


Esoterics recommend gems in the role of mascots and amulets: the guard will protect against negativity and attract good dreams. Believe it to attach crystal is important to the forehead in the evening to avoid nightmares. Helps chromdiopside in family life as well.

It is not necessary to carry the accessory permanently. The product can be placed on the desktop. Suitable amulet from Siberian emerald not all representatives of Zodiac signs. Especially pleasing the crystal Lights and Taurus. It will boost confidence and add energy.

The stone is contraindicated to Capricorns and Fish, as it prevents them in any case. But other signs can wear decoration without fear, but do not make amulets from it.

Gems have other useful properties. Chromdiopside relieves emotional tension and handra. Green crystals have been observed to contribute to the harmonization and resolution of internal conflicts. Effective minerals in chronic headache, cardiovascular ailments, colds.


Very well stone relieves fatigue from the eyes after staying at the computer, gives vivacity. Blended in silver crystal perfectly combats chronic diseases if you attach the amulet to a problem area. Constant wearing of stone in gold saturated dark shade of greens will get rid of gastrointestinal diseases and problems with metalobolism.

It is important to take into account:

  • earrings are suitable to improve mental activity;
  • to
  • eliminate respiratory diseases wear silver pendant with stone;
  • pressure reduction choose the necklace.

There is a view that the accessory perfectly relieves the subhalims in the surroundings. According to legend, chromdiopsid fell into the tree of life, so patronizes everyone wishing to change something in themselves.

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