Vanessa Paradis: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Since the early nineties Vanessa Chantal Paradis was not only an icon of style, but also a reference example of young Nabokov Lolita. And the famous hit “Joe le Taxi” is firmly established in the history of modern pop music. Professional career as a vocalist started at age 7.

The road to fame


biography of a future celebrity began in 1972. The child was born in the town of Saint-Maur-de-Fossé on December 22 in a family of filmmakers. All relatives had a direct relation to creativity. Both Vanessa and her younger sister Alisson, who later became an actress, were engaged in dance and music.

An uncle, France’s famous actor Didier Pyne, persuaded her older niece to participate in the TV contest. Success at “Talent School” prompted the girl to decide to become a professional singer. Vocal classes began.

In 1987, the song “Joe le Taxi” appeared. A week later, the single confidently held the top positions of the national hit parade. In the Eurocharts, the composition became the best after half a month, turning over time into a pop music classic. The vocalist’s album “M&J”, released a year later, quickly went platinum.

The disc “Vanessa Paradis” was the reason for an extended tour. In 2000 fans received the compilation “Bliss”, and released in 2007 CD “Divinidylle” confirmed the pride of celebrity in the music elite of the country.

New tops

Success awaited and album “Love songs” in 2013. In 2011 the performer voiced the main character of the cartoon “Monster in Paris”. The song “La Seine” earned Paradis the Cesar Award.

It premiered in 1989. The title role Vanessa played in “The White Wedding” winning the national award as best debutante. After 7 years, work began in the painting “Eliza”. The work in the French-Canadian project “Café de Flor” was successful. Vanessa won the Jeannie award for him as best actress.

Paradis does not seek to publicize life beyond the light of the soffits. The star doesn’t have an Instagram account.

Off screen and stage

Equally eventful and the star’s personal life. The first choice was Florent Pagny, an actor and singer. The affair between the two began in 1988. After the break-up, the relationship with Lenny Kravitz began; however, it ended in 1997.

In 1998 there was a momentous acquaintance with Johnny Depp. He and Vanessa long bore the title of the most beautiful couple in show business. The cast became the parents of Lily-Rose Melody and Jack Christopher. The couple managed to maintain friendly relations and after breaking up 14 years later.

While working on the film “Dog”, the actress met director Samuel Benchetri. In mid-2018, their wedding took place.

The celebrity has made a successful career in the fashion world as well. Karl Lagerfeld calls his muse of the ambassador brand “Chanel”. The star doesn’t stop filming. Successfully develops her musical creativity. Paradis gives concerts, participates in music festivals.

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