Valery Kipelov: biography, creativity, career and personal life


special interest in music Valery Aleksandrovich did not show in childhood, although he studied in music school. And my father dreamed of raising not a musician, but an athlete, a hockey player or a football player.

The path to calling


biography of a future celebrity began in 1958. The boy came to light in Moscow on July 23. The parents who saw the giftedness of the child sent their son to music school. Valery learned to play the Bayan. Gradually, the classes carried him away.

In 1972, together with the group “Peasant Children”, the guy sang at his sister’s wedding. The abilities of the debutant so amazed professionals that Kipelov became a member of the team. He received his education at the technical school of Telemechanics and Automatics. In 1978 he went to serve in the army, but he did not leave music, performed with the army ensemble.

On a professional level, the career began after returning home. Valery sang in the group “Six Young”. In the early fall of 1980 the team entered the ensemble “Leisya, Song”, but in 1985 the team broke up. Work began at Singing Hearts. Soon came the “Aria” project in the heavy-metal style.


The popularity of the new band grew rapidly, and largely the success was accompanied by the soloist’s unforgettable voice. The musician has acted and authored rock ballads. The singer made a decision on a solo career after the release of the album “Chimera”. Kipelov spoke for the last time together with his colleagues in late summer 2002.

In September there was a new project “Kipelov” with a big tour “Way to the top”. In 2004, the team was named the best rock band in the country and presented the “MTV” award. A solo compilation, “Rivers of Times”, came out the following year. In 2011, the musician presented the album “Live Contrary”. The concert in 2012 was named the best of the year by the “Chart Dozen”.

Disc “Reflection” was released April 2013. His best song was the composition “I’m Free”.

Family and career


musician does not stop creativity, he writes new songs and tours. In 2017 he conducted a tour of cities in Russia. In October 2018 there was a performance at the anniversary concert of the band “Mavrin”. The solo artist sang “Hero of Asphalt” and “Castlevania”. Along with other vocalists, he performed “Give Your Hand to Me” in the finale. In February 2019, a new clip from the collection “Thirst for the Impossible” is unveiled.

Valeriy Aleksandrovich’s personal life was well developed. In 1978 his wife became Galina. In the family in 1980 appeared the first child, daughter Jeanne. 9 years later, a son Alexander was born. Both chose a future related to music. Jeanne became a conductor, Sasha graduated from the Gnesin School in the cello class and the Tchaikovsky Conservatory. The musician is twice grandfather.

Kipelov has time for hobbies as well. He plays football and pool, he does motorcycles, he likes to read. The vocalist took part in the writing of the anthem for the club “Spartak”. The author and performer does not represent his leisure time without the creativity of legendary foreign rock colleagues. He likes to listen to the creations of contemporary authors of this genre.

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