Valery Kazakov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Valery Nikolaevich Kazakov is a collector, writer and patron. He buys rarities from private collectors to then give these artifacts to Belarusian museums.


Love to ancient objects at Nikolai Kazakov from his grandfather. The progenitor loved the native land, collected vintage things.

Nikolay Kazakov was born in Belarus in the village of Gorbovichi.

He recalls when he was 8 years old, a road was built near their village. Bulldozers worked here. They destroyed the oldest mounds in which there were burials. Then Nicholas and his friend Petheus began to go to these places, collect human remains, to then rebury them. Then the guys started to find various vintage things in the mounds. Some of these items are kept by the collector until now.

Now Valery Nikolaevich Kazakov is the deputy chairman of the society “Belarusians of Russia”. He buys various items from private collectors, the history museum transfers them.

Artifacts The

patron’s quarry are built on the search and return of artifacts to Belarus.

Some of these vintage items were made as early as the 11th century. Such an artifact includes a suspension made in the form of a coin. After finding this silver medallion, Kazakov made a great contribution to determining the true date of Mogilev’s creation.

It is believed that this town originated in 1267. But on this medallion the symbol of the dynasty of Rurikovich is depicted. It is understood that this artifact was created in the 11th century. This proves that Mogilev was founded earlier than is generally considered.

In total, Nikolay Kazakov gave 200 old things to the museum. He found something himself, but bought many artifacts from private collectors.

Among such items can be distinguished vintage chess. Half of the figures are made in the form of troops of Charles XII, others are created in the image of troops of Peter I.

Even Valery Nikolayevich to acquire similar artifacts by his friends – patrons. And someone of acquaintances was able to find items of value in the attics of old houses inherited by inheritance.

Granted gifts The

profile education of Valery Kazakov allows him to determine practically at first sight, $ what value some items represent. One day he saw two soldiers of Tajik nationality cutting a bread bar in a painting. Cossakov acquired this canvas, but then he didn’t know who wrote it yet. When the painting was restored, it was revealed that it was painted by a famous marinist artist.

Valery Nikolaevich gives similar things to the historical museum of Mogilev, and old books to the library of this city.

The patron and collector is also the author of books. One of his works is planned to shoot a film in Belarus.

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