Valery Didyulya: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Valery Mikhailovich received the first guitar at the age of five as a gift from his parents. Then the experiments with the sound of the instrument began.

The road to success

The biography of a future celebrity began in 1970. The child appeared in Grodno on January 24. Music from childhood surrounded the boy. He learned to play guitar by himself. However, the classical manner of playing quickly bored the young musician, and that began searching for a new one.

Valery mastered amplifiers, put sensors on the instrument, making unique sound compositions. The schoolboy gave guitar lessons, deciding to become a professional performer in the future. Didyulya became part of the participants of the Belarusian ensemble “Scarlet Zori”, but the group quickly broke up.

The aspiring vocalist and guitarist moved to White Dew as a sound engineer. Guys toured all over the world, in Spain Valery first heard the flamenco conquered it. The special sound of the instrument struck the experimenter. Didyulya took part during his stay in Spain in music street projects.



soon took place moving to Minsk, where he started working as a salesman in a mus-shop. Valery did not stop music classes, visited recording studios. The first notable step towards recognition was participation in the Slavic Bazaar. Didyuli’s work differed from his usual compositions by a combination of electro-folk music, identity and novelty.

After moving to Moscow, a recording studio was established, work on discs began. The first album was called “Icedora”. A music video was soon shot for one of his compositions. The performer was becoming recognizable. The contract with him was signed by the label “Global Music”.

In 2002 the artist starred as a guitarist in Andrei Konchalovsky’s painting “House of Fools”. A new compilation appeared in 2005. The highlight of “Colored Dreams” was energetic melodies. The repertoire was constantly replenished with new creations. A new success was a collaboration with “Nox Music” and shooting a music video with the ballet “Todes”.

Family and creativity

realized creative ideas in the album “Road to Baghdad”, the real diamond of which became “Satin Shores”. The show in the Kremlin took place in 2011. After a few years, the musician presented the program “Time cures” in Jurmala.

In 2016 and 2017 fans were pleased with the new discs, and the next Diluly experiments. There was a presentation of “gold” collections of hits, which were selected by the melomans themselves. Then there was the “Dear Six Strings” concert accompanied by an instrumental ensemble with broadcast on television. In 2019, the guitarist introduced the album “The Seventh Sense”.

Valery Mikhailovich’s personal life was not immediately developed. Marriage to the first choice, Leila, could not save even the appearance of the baby. A few years later, the couple separated. Eugenia (Eugenics), who then became Didyuli’s wife, works in his muskoltiv. A daughter, Arina, grows up in their family.

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