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Many journalists compared Valentina Isayeva’s story from an industrial Moscow district to Shakespeare’s Juliet. The girl literally “rattled” to the whole country. The situation she got into divided the Russians into two camps — someone regretted and someone condemned her. Pregnancy of third graders is a resonant affair, which should have sooner or later become interested in society and bodies for child welfare and motherhood.

Who is Valentina Isayeva

The trend of early motherhood is no longer new to modern society, but Vali Isayeva’s story shocked Russians. To get pregnant at 11 years old — such in the post-Soviet space hasn’t happened yet. When the girl could not hide her pregnancy, she, her sweetheart and her grandmother were interested not only in law enforcement agencies, but also journalists, representatives of television channels. Around the young couple heated arguments — whether the guy who deceived the child should be brought to justice, or it should be left free so that he could support a young mother and your child?

Valya literally walked on TV channels, willingly gave interviews, alternating fallen on her unexpectedly popularity with visits to PDN bodies and criminal proceedings. On the programs she behaved not childish, the audience was amazed by how much she thought and how she really sees her situation.

The interesting thing is that the young mother didn’t just win as a result of attracting attention to her, her sweetheart received only probation, but also caused many parents to reconsider their attitude to own children, pay more attention to them.

Biography – short childhood

Girl was born in 1993, in a dysfunctional family. Val didn’t know her father at all, her mother often changed men, and once she was gone. The baby stayed with her stepfather, but he soon failed to engage in her upbringing, as he went to prison. Valu was then taken away by her stepfather’s mother, who was, in fact, a complete stranger.

So the grandmother with the named granddaughter would live quietly, if not for money. Wanting to get at least some additional income, Vali’s grandmother gave the “corner” to a young gastarbeiter named Habib, quiet and affable, working, not drinking. The woman then could not imagine what a scandal it would turn out both for her and for little Vali.

Habib and Walya, who at that time was only 10 years old, started not a child relationship at all. The grandmother found out about it only when the girl couldn’t physically hide the pregnancy — the belly was visible “not with the armed eye”. And Grandmother Tonya made the decision to side with young lovers, attracted media attention to the situation, achieved that the future pope was not punished with a real term of imprisonment, not expelled from Russia.

Husband, children and another scandal

To marry the girl, who is only 11 years old, despite having a mutual daughter Amina, Habib and Valais were not allowed. The young man, according to a court order, had to live separately until the girl turned 18. Upon Valentina reaching adulthood, the couple formalized a formal marriage. And the children even managed to benefit from the event – they allowed one of the TV channels to film the ceremony in exchange for payment of paraphernalia and wedding feast.

Now Wali and Habib already have three children. In 2013, Russia’s youngest mother gave birth to a boy Amin, and three years later another boy, whom his parents named Damir, appeared.

Despite her early pregnancy and the appearance of baby Amina, the girl completed 9 classes of compulsory schooling, then went to college and gained the profession of manager. Khabib, by the standards of the average Russian, also raised his status — he works as a storekeeper at one of the furniture enterprises of the capital. The couple lives secluded, with their income content, but certainly young people want more. And that’s what the unclean members of the media played on, when a new scandal was blown around Wali and Habib in 2017.

And again on TV

Unexpected for All in 2017, the pair reappeared on talk shows at once on several television channels. Journalists presented a new sensation — Valya Isayeva became a victim of domestic violence, she gave birth to the youngest child not from her husband. And the girl confirmed it, and here her husband defended that in their family everything is normal. DNA tests were done, the alleged father of the child appeared in the studio, raged unjoking passions around the young family.

A new sensation was followed by another one. When all tests were conducted, all “witnesses” were listened to, Valya suddenly gave a sensational interview — the situation was moderated. The girl admitted that both she, Habib, and even people from their inner circle succumbed to the persuasion of journalists and representatives of TV channels who paid generously for the fabricated sensation.

The family lives all in the same apartment where the love of Vali and Habib originated, there are no differences between the spouses, all three children the young wife gave birth to her husband, private life with journalists they are more don’t discuss. In the immediate plans of the family – buying a small plot with a house. An inexpensive, but kindly car they already have, but to expand the living area is necessary – the grown Amina needs a room separate from the brothers. But money from the scandals around their families Habib and Walya no longer want.

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