Valentin Yakovlev: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Early biography

Valentin Yakovlev was born at the height of the Great Patriotic War, May 7, 1942, in the village of Novy Toryal of the Mari ASSR. His father died at the front shortly before, and his mother died in 1947, severely undermining his health during the war years. For a time Valentin was brought up in an orphanage, and then he was taken away for care by distant relatives. The young man received regular secondary education for those years and after school settled to work as a driver.

Thoughts about military service did not leave Valentine, who grew up in hard years for the country. In 1961, he enlisted in the army and firmly decided to give military duty to his homeland for the rest of his life. Persistence and desire to master military specialty helped to enter the Leningrad General Military School. S. M. Kirov, from which Yakovlev graduated in 1965. He was later assigned to the Marines and sent to serve in the Baltic Fleet.

Military career

In 1966 Valentin Yakovlev led one of the infantry platoons and then a whole company on the Black Sea to the Navy. The command entrusted him with participation in the fighting on the legendary cruiser “Glory” in the Mediterranean. Having proved himself superbly, in 1969 Yakovlev was sent to improve his qualifications at the Military Academy named after. M.V. Frunze. In 1974, he led an infantry regiment in the Black Sea Fleet, as part of which he took part in military conflicts off the coast of Egypt and Israel. Further Valentin held positions of chief of staff and commander of separate motor rifle division in the Odessa military district.

Having completed many of the most important tactical tasks in Afghanistan, Vietnam and Egypt, Valentin Yakovlev served the general rank. Before leading an entire army corps of Odessa District in 1984, he received special training at the Military Academy of the General Staff of the USSR. K. E. Voroshilova. This was followed by the next business trips to various “hot spots”, and another leap in the career of the famous general – the post head of the department of personnel under the Ministry of Defence of the USSR.

Further activity

In 1996 Valentin Yakovlev took one of the key posts under the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation. In office he lasted only two years and in the subsequent decision to resign from the service of his own accord, remaining unhappy with his own reorganization decisions in the Armed Forces.

After his discharge, Yakovlev took up veteran and community work. He created and led a public association, the Marine Club. Currently Valentin is a member of the Council of Veterans of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. He prefers not to spread about former exploits, and his personal life folds quite well: a retired colonel general raises children and grandchildren.

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