Valentin Stepanov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

From the biography

 Valentin Nikolayevich Stepanov was born in 1972 in Rybinsk. In 1989 he graduated from school №1 there, in 1994 — Yaroslavl Peduniversitit and received philological education. A Russian teacher called them “the last reading generation.” Once, when it was necessary to read V. Mayakovsky, Valentin declared that this poet does not interest him.

In the future, his career developed successfully:

Teaching activity of

V. Stepanov trains professionals in advertising and public relations. To get this specialty, young people need to understand a lot: media market, media, technology, different writing for radio, television, blog. In his classes, students learn from Western advertising texts as well. Russian advertisers, as the professor believes, lack special knowledge, erudition, speech culture.

B. Stepanov participates in the professional development of not only students, but also officials, businessmen who study all stages of the negotiation process in order to position a foreign counterpart to understanding. When situations begin to beat, it becomes apparent that Russian business is far from world practice. And until a person learns to understand their internal state during the discussion, they cannot arrive at a culture of dialogue.

B. Stepanov is sure that the ability to clearly communicate his thoughts and communicate with people is a necessary quality of man.

The best Yaroslavl reader The

owner of one of the bookstores in Novosibirsk attracted attention because he decided to hold the championship on reading aloud. After 5 years, this event from Siberian developed into a federal project, which involves many cities in Russia. Participants pull out a figure, take the corresponding book and, for a minute without preparation, read aloud a snippet of it. Who will read more artificially and more eloquently, he won.

When in 2015 in Yaroslavl passed the stage of the championship on reading aloud, philologist V. Stepanov.


professor admitted that according to the first book he wrote a course paper about barbarisms, which just got caught in the passage. But even if there was an unfamiliar text, difficulties would not arise because he has a wealth of public speaking experience. And also, in one of the universities he teaches fast reading. He admitted that philology was his element and that reading books aloud was one pleasure for him.

Teaching eloquence

Before competitions V.Stepanov often conducts classes on expressive reading and introduces participants to the laws of eloquence and manners of performance. It highlights the moments that underlie the expressiveness of reading: sound to sound is read, line should be read as a word, important meaning accent read, need to breathe properly and take a free pose. Readers, along with the audience, analyze each performance. Students note that they worry before reading unfamiliar words, in the absence of rhyme in the poem.

B. Stepanov found that there were more women among those wishing to read aloud. It turns out that men and women have different breathing: the man breathes the abdomen, and the woman – superficially, so the sound at her is easier.

V.Stepanov tries to convey the idea that classical literature, old films, philosophy. At the end of class, he reads poetry.

According to the teacher, such events not only contribute to the introduction of great literature, but also minimize the conflict of generations.

Creativity of scientist-publicist

V. Stepanov is the author of many works. He analyzes legal linguistics, television speech, TV advertising, advertising texts. He writes about how preparing for cultural events dedicated to the dates of the city helps shape the image of the city and its inhabitants.

One of the books, co-written, deals with the male image in advertising. Since long ago, extensive experience has been accumulated in the study of the characteristics of both women and men. This experience is used in advertising. M. Kiryanov and V. Stepanov analyzes the social and cultural role of men in advertising in the recent past and now, according to leading research companies abroad explore the dynamics of changing stereotypes in society and the use of male images in advertising.

About one of his books V. Stepanov says she’s hard to read. But science does exist to send human impulses so that people seek strength in themselves and eventually find the answer to the question — what is the point of power. This monograph is titled

From personal life

In the Stepanov family three children. Two daughters and a son. From early childhood, he systematically accustomed them to retelling small stories. This is so as not to erode the skill of verbal coherent speech. Before the exam, his daughter asked him about how to write the essay: as required or from the heart. I wrote that I felt… There were no speech errors. Points were scored.

Despite his lack of time, he has been reading to his children for the past seven years. He is confident that instilling a love of books is necessary by a personal example. There is no other way.

B. Stepanov is interesting as a person and as a teacher with his philosophical views, deep understanding of life, peculiar approach to youth, artistry. He found his road in life, which he goes with a huge fascination.

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