Vadim Mulerman: a brief biography

Starting conditions

In the distant 60s of the last century, Soviet hockey players regularly took first places at the world championships. Looking at the game of the Soviet stars the children tried to learn better, and the production leaders overperformed the set plans. When Vadim Mulerman performed the song “Coward doesn’t play hockey”, it instantly became a hit. A similar story was repeated after the appearance of the radio program “Good Morning” of the joke song “How good to be a general”. The track record of a popular performer can continue further.

Vadim Iosifovich Mulerman came to light on August 18, 1938 in an ordinary Soviet family. Parents at that time lived in the famous city of Kharkiv. His father worked at the construction site. The mother worked as a locksmith in a garment factory. Musical ability and child began to manifest from an early age. Vadim easily memorized the melodies and lyrics of songs he heard on the radio and on family holidays. In school, the future singer studied well. When it came time to choose a profession, he decided to get a profile education at the Kharkiv Conservatory.

Creative way

Vocal data of the novice singer was noticed by specialists and invited him to transfer to vocal department of the Conservatory in Leningrad. The talented performer persistently persuaded to engage in opera singing. But Vadim, after some hesitation, decided to become a pop singer. Mulerman joined the Leningrad Association of Concert Activities. Famous to the young performer was brought by the song “Lame King”, thanks to which he became the winner of the All-Union competition of pop artists. After that, he began to be invited to national team concerts and on tour trips.

In 1968, Mulerman performed the song “Lada”, which in a matter of days became a slager. In the following two years, Lada became the most popular name for newborn girls, according to the statistician. By the early 70s, the singer had become one of the most popular performers of lyric songs in the Soviet Union. After universal fame, however, came a streak of oblivion. The singer stopped being invited to television. He had to record records and dangle on tour. In the early 90s Vadim Iosifovich left for the United States.

Recognition and personal life

During the period of living on the territory of the United States, the singer organized a children’s musical theater, which was popular with the Russian-speaking population. But Mulerman was pulling home. In 2004, he returned to his native land. For his great contribution to the development of domestic culture, he was awarded the honorary title “Honored Artist of the RSFSR”.

There is something to tell about the singer’s personal life. He was legally married three times. In his second and third marriage, Mulerman had daughters. The eldest lives in the United States, the youngest – in Ukraine. Vadim Mulerman died in May 2018 after a serious illness.

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