Vadim Azarkh: biography, creativity, career and personal life

In addition to domestic higher education Vadim Semenovich has foreign: Cambridge diploma in English teacher.

The beginnings of creativity


biography of the future celebrity began in 1974. The boy came to light in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on January 17. With a three-year-old child, the family moved to Leningrad.

From an early age, the future singer was keen on musical creativity. If as a child he sang, imitating his favorite performers, then after school decided on a professional stage career. He received his education at the Leningrad Conservatory. He learned playing wind instruments.

The student performed with the Rendezvous group as a soloist. Despite his employment, Vadim did not leave out solo work as well. Gradually, the vocalist became famous. However, it was during this period that Azarkh moved to Britain. His studies began at Cambridge.

The first successes

Russian took part in English music projects, realizing not only as a vocalist, but also producer. In “Pepsi Chart”, Vadim started working as a DJ. The program was released in both England and Russia. After the broadcast ceased, the singer again focused on vocals.

He started collaborating with Evgeny Orlov. Igor Krutoy’s composition “For the Last Time” was successful. It was performed by Azarkh at the contest “New Wave 2003″. The musician made arrangements for Lyudmila Senchina. New success on home soil brought participation in the TV show “The Voice”.

The work with “ARS-Records” started, the shooting of the first clips began. During the same period, the artist played the role of Prince in the New Year’s musical “The Snow Queen” and was awarded the title of Song of the Year winner. The hit of the singer often sounded on various music channels, Azarkha was often invited to television.

New achievements

Solo concert artist gave in November 2003. After the triumph, Vadim left again for England. He was the vocalist and keyboardist for the band “The odd dogs”, recorded the solo album “From Russia with love”. The musician considers performing with Tom Jones to be the most striking event. Back in his homeland, the singer took part in the TV competition “The Voice”.

Knowing music processes from the inside makes all the vocalist’s performances incredibly professional. All details have been honed to perfection. Strikingly high level of show programs creates both the correctness of the choice of light, and the musical background, and fine costumes and arrangements.

The artist is great at playing the piano.

Vadim prefers not to tell about personal life. It is known that on its page in the social network “VKontakte” the status “in love” is established. The performer’s girlfriend is named Anna. However, there are no more specific data on it anywhere.

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