Unakit: the appearance of the stone, its properties and compatibility with Zodiac signs

A deposit of unknown stone was discovered in the United States mountains of Unaka in 1874. The mineral was named after the site of the find. Other names for the jewels were epidosite and yunakite. A representative of the granite family is used in construction and jewelry.

Appearance, the use


the unique self-color make its appearance and composition. The mineral consists of greenish epidote, grey quartz, and white and pink feldspar. They form bizarre patterns on the surface of the stone.

Iron, aluminum, calcium and silicon are also contained in the formation.

The opaque mineral distinguishes strength and hardness. It’s perfectly handled and polished. Therefore, the products are distinguished by silkiness of shine.

Healing and magical properties

Endowed stone with healing properties. However, they are more preventative than healing. Lithotherapists are confident of the positive effects of education on the reproductive female system. With the help of the crystal remove toxins, slags from the body. Massage accessories are made of stone.

Helps the crystal in the presence of:

  • excess weight;
  • failures of the nervous system;
  • during preparation in pregnancy; in
  • case of disruption

  • of the processes of exchange and failure of operation digestive system;
  • in the tendency to swelling;
  • in the attacks of radiculitis;
  • during the course of infectious disease;
  • in the treatment of inflammatory processes.

Esoterics note the crystal’s magical properties. In their view, self-color provides harmonization of reason and emotion. The mineral contributes to:

  • removal from the events of the past and concentration on the future;
  • spiritual growth and removal from the psychological barrier;
  • relief from negative energy, $ relieving stress;
  • improving mood and intensifying mental activity;
  • developing intuition.

Compatible with Zodiac signs

Unakit is the perfect mascot for Scorpions. Especially suitable for this amulet in the form of pendant or pendant to women of this sign. The decoration will win attention to the beauty of the carrier. For men, the crystal will ensure getting rid of complexes and approaching the desired goal.

There are no contraindications for choosing self-color and other signs of the Zodiac. Each mascot will give a rush of energy, awaken creativity and relieve dependency.

The Overs will increase their tone, the owner will get rid of diseases. Taurus will awaken new abilities, will be able to gain new knowledge. Will cope with the stress Gemini, learn to control negative emotions.

  • Sad thoughts will leave Cancer, and Lion will be able to realize in business.
  • Devov family relations will be established, bearers will get rid of imaginary. Inner harmony will be gained by Libra.
  • Will get the power to overcome any obstacles Sagittarius.
  • The

  • attractiveness of the ladies of Capricorns will increase, and men of the sign will be able to
  • Openness and honesty will become constant companions of the Aquarians, and Pisces will be able to change the world around themselves for the better.

Durable decorations do not need special care, as it is difficult to damage the stone. However, you should not wear unakit accessories in the pool or sauna. High temperatures, like their sharp differences, can negatively affect the appearance of the product.

Do not expose decorations and long-term exposure to ultraviolet.

Polishing and cleaning is recommended without chemical means.

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