TOP-5 books for beach holidays

So what stories to take with you on vacation? Let’s see the TOP 5 books for the beach!

5 place

At number five,Susan da Silva’s work “Amelia and the Sceptre of the Pharaoh”. Going to the museum, you don’t expect that this banal action will begin incredible adventures. Two girlfriends, wandering through the Pushkin Museum, became witnesses of unprecedented theft. Literally at them missing a strange artifact originally from ancient Egypt, and girls didn’t even notice anything. The father of one of them, the director of the institution, has to find it missing. It is at this time that Amelia receives a cryptic note whose author calls her to a hot country where she will be able to find out the truth. At her own risk, the beauty goes straight into the unknown, where she will be engaged not only in investigation of a dangerous secret, but also in love, survive incredible revelations and great betrayal.

4 place

On the fourth position, the book byNina Leto (Romanova)from the cycle“The Story in White Gowns”, which is called“Parachutes and Parachutists.” It is suitable for lovers of outdoor activities and extreme. The writer offers to go to Canada, where her heroine lives – Russian emigrant Sasha Luzhina, and from there to make a trip to the United States, visit Miami, where there will be a fun wedding of a close friend, make a couple of parachute jumps, experience turbulent passions in the arms of a hot instructor and meet your love. And at the same time to reflect on philosophical themes, such as the essence of life and death, to learn the power of friendship and love, to understand the psychology of the contemporary and to think about the risk with its consequences.

3rd place This place

of honor is taken byKaterina Kaliuzhny’s novel “Mysteries of the Dark Citadel”, which is a continuation of thestory “ gloom.” The world of magicians and their helpers of immortal warriors is dangerous and unpredictable. The main character, determined to become a part of it for revenge for the fallen beloved, managed to taste all its charms and dangers. Recently, her fate has once again changed steeply. The one she least expected to ever see returned to her, and the man near whom she spent several years was irretrievably lost. But thinking about love and other personal hardships is once. The dark magician, unaware of any defeat, declared war on the sorceress served by the girl and her friends. Ahead fight and it is impossible to stand in it. Well, while there is preparation for the inevitable, you will have to make a lot of travel, make night and pretty bloody visits to the dark castles of sunny Spain, learn the dangerous secrets of the past and get unexpected surprises in the present that can change the layout of this confrontation.

2 place

There is a tetralogy ofLeo Altmark “Ment – Everywhere Ment”, which invites you to visit sunny Israel. A former Soviet militiaman, and now an Israeli policeman, is investigating unusual cases involving past disappearances and insidious plans by criminal authorities based on opportunity meet dead geniuses in the afterworld, discover their secrets and implement them, earning money from someone else’s blood. In addition to the parts of the hot southern country, readers will have the opportunity to visit Russia and Ukraine, and not only in the present, but also in the distant past, to taste the atmosphere of eras and the flavor of different cities.

1 spot The

leader of my book hit parade for the beach becomesSigita Ulskaya’s novel “Warm Stones”, which is a conceptual sequel to the book Golden Acorns. Idyllic foreign landscapes surrounding a fortune teller named Tess are replaced by panoramas of the noisy metropolises of America, and then ancient streets of European cities remembering the greatest events of history. In the center of the story is one of Tess’s students, who follows a loved one to the other end of the world and tries to find not only personal happiness, first having understood what his essence, but also his own purpose in the world of magic. She is back in training, but now to a healer who is able to connect people’s thoughts and actions with their well-being and, adjusting mental health, influence the physical. There are difficult decisions ahead, lots of losses, huge doubts and imminent fears. But the main thing is at the end of the long journey there is a chance to find a place where the “blue bird” lurched in anticipation.

Reading on the beach is a pleasure that makes the rest more vivid and exquisite. Which story to prefer? Look at the situation! Most importantly, do not miss the chance to get even more emotions from the long-awaited vacation so that no second of this wonderful summer is missing for nothing.

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