Tony Brexton: biography, creativity, career and personal life

In the repertoire of the performer there is both rhythm and blues, pop and soul. Priest Tony’s eldest daughter Michelle Brexton singing started in the church choir, attending university, preparing to become a teacher. Music career girl chose later.

The road to success

The biography of the future star began in 1967. The baby came to light in Sivern on October 7 in the family of a priest and singer. The girl was the eldest of six children. The love of music to children was instilled by mother One of the Taimar sisters to this day soloists in the family ensemble “The Braxtons”.

The first stage on the road to fame for Tony was their band’s participation in competitions. The sisters released the first single. The low voice of the girl, strikingly different from the traditional vocals then, was liked by the star authors who offered the novice singer a solo career.

Named Tony the album was waiting for success, the hits were 5 songs released by individual singles. The triumphant debut topped three Grammys. In 1996, the vocalist presented the calling card “Un-Break My Heart”. The rest of the songs remained at the top positions of the charts for a long time.


In 1998 Tony became the first and only of the dark-skinned performer of Bell, the heroine of the musical “Beauty and Kudos.” A new compilation was released. The ballad “Hawaiian Guitar” earned the vocalist 3 prestigious awards.

In 2001, the star debuted as a film actress in “In That Light”. Brexton recorded at the beginning of the 2,000th CD “Libra”, starred in the TV series “Kevin Hill” as Terry Knokes. The show “Toni Braxton: Revealed” celebrity opened in early August 2006. It was the first ever solo concert by an African American singer to be ranked in the top ten shows in Las Vegas.

In 2010 fans received the album “Pulse”. Along with rapper Trey Songz, Brexton sang “Yesterday” and starred in the sensual music video. In 2011, the star along with her mother and sisters participated in the reality show “Braxton Family Values”, 2 seasons of which were successful on the TV channel.

Once again on set, the celebrity returned in 2017 in “Faith Under Fire” as school accountant Antoinette Touf, one of the drama’s key characters. A solo compilation album, “Sex & Cigarettes”, Brexton released in 2018. An enthusiastic reception from critics was greeted by the composition “Deadwood”.

Family and creativity

With one of the more successful R&B producers, Bebiface, the star recorded the CD “Love, Marriage & amp; Devorce” and the song “Foh”

Uneasy folded the personal life of the performer. Her husband in 2001 became Keri Lewis, a member of the band “Mint Condition”. The sons Denim-Kai and Diesel Kai grew up in the family

In 2013, the union broke up. After 3 years, the singer began an affair with rapper Birdman. The relationship continued in 2019 despite the cancellation of the engagement. In life, Brexton is contradictory nature. Popularity she doesn’t put first, giving it to charity. She works with foundations on autism and heart disease.

On “Instagram,” the singer pointed out that mom she is first and foremost, and she is not going to choose between stage and family.

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