Tomarov Sergey Alexandrovich: biography, career, personal life

Early biography

Sergei Alexandrovich Tomarov was born in 1982 in the small town of Meleuz of the Bashkir Republic. From young years I got carried away with football and was engaged under the direction of coach Victor Filippovich Nuikin. In 1999, he entered Ufa State Aviation Technical University, from which he graduated in 2004 with a degree in engineering, specialist in emergency protection.

Apart from the classic ball game Sergey has not without success tried himself in mini-football, playing for the national team university. In the future he was engaged in both types of sports. He played for Ufa football club “Stroitel”, Kushnarenkovsky “Belorechye”, Meleuzovsky “Khimik”, Annunciation “Mirage” and others. For a time he played in the Second Division of the Ufa club “Neftnik”.

After graduation he played for various mini-football teams: in 2004-2005 he played for BNZS -$ Peduniversitet”, playing in the First League, and the following three years, from 2006 to 2009, defended the honor of Dynamo-Timal already in the Premier League and Super League. It should be noted that the president of the latter at that time was Shamil Gazizov, subsequently headed football club “Ufa”. Besides, Sergey Tomarov held several matches for the farm club “BGPU”.

Further career

In 2009 Dinamo-Timal mini-football club disbanded and Sergei Tomarov temporarily stayed not at work. He returned to his native aviation technical university, but already as a physical education teacher and even organized a youth national mini football team. Having mastered this sport in all intricacies, Tomarov actively engaged in scientific work and in 2011 defended his PhD thesis on the effectiveness of mini-football in physical education of students. Also Sergey received the second higher education in economic direction.

In 2010 Tomarov took over as reserve coach of FC Ufa. In the future he repeatedly acted as the main coach of the club, and in 2016 under his leadership the team won against FC Spartak 3-1. In 2018, he was officially appointed head coach of the club. After a while left the post and moved to the analytical department, as well as working at Ufa Football School. A year later Tomarov Decided to return to the coaching staff of the club, however refused the position of senior coach.

At the time of 2019 Sergey Tomarov continues to support and coach FC Ufa who has become actually native to him. He also holds the position of professor at the Department of Physical Education at UGATU. About personal life successful athlete and coach prefers not to spread.

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