Tom Wizdom: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Tom Wizdom was born on February 18, 1973. His birthplace is Swindon (Swindon) in the United Kingdom. Tom is the eldest of their 3 children. The actor’s father is a military man, so the family moved frequently. He was educated at Townton College, Southampton. Also Wizdom studied acting at the Academic Drama School. The actor adores sports. He plays football, golf, badminton, cricket and snooker. Tom could have become a professional athlete if he hadn’t become an actor. Also Wizdom likes to cook and read. The actor’s personal life is not afishing.

Beginning his career

Tom began an acting career with small roles in TV series. He got the role of Tom Ferguson in “Coronation Street”. The lead characters in the British melodrama were played by William Roach, Helen Worf, Sally Whitaker and Barbara Knox. The series directors are John Anderson, David Kester, Ian Bevitt. “Coronation Street” ran from 1960 to 2013. The actor was then invited to play the role of Oliver in the “Poirot” detective. The series is based on works by Agatha Christie. The thriller was shown in the United Kingdom, Finland, Japan, Australia, France, the Netherlands and Estonia. Wizdom later appeared in the TV series “Wickliff”. The directors of the crime detective are Martin Friend, Alan Wareing, Michael Owen Morris.

In 1994, Tom received a role in the television film “The Good King Wenceslas”. The lead roles in the American drama were performed by Stephanie Powers, Jonathan Brandis, Perry King and Leo McKern. The actor then played in the TV series “Black Hearts in Battersea”. The director of the historical drama is David Bell. The central characters were played by John Altman, Annette Badland, Barry Ewart and Celia Imrie. In 1998, Tom received the role of Edward in Children of the New Forest. After 3 years, he could be seen as Ivor in the television war drama “Sword of Honor”. The action takes place during World War II. The main character is recorded volunteering for the front. His family life didn’t get along, that’s why he’s so keen to leave home. The wife cheats on him often and makes no secret of it.


In 2003, the TV series “Stewardesses”, featuring Tom, began. The actor got one of the lead roles in this comedy. Wizdom’s character is Marco. The series was screened in the UK, Estonia, Australia and Germany. Tom then played in Jamey Paig’s television thriller Suspicion. Wizdom performed the role of Ryan in the action film “Hey Mr. DJ”. Tom’s character is one of the main ones. The actor could later be seen in the American crime detective “Bones”. The series ran from 2005 to 2017. In it, Tom played Gray. At the center of the story is a female anthropologist and her partner. The series is popular not only in the United States, but also in many European countries.

In 2007, Wizdom received a role in the fantasy action film “300 Spartans”. The film won both Georges and Saturn awards, and was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award. Tom then played in the comedy “Jeans — Mascot 2″. The film continues to tell the story of four girls’ friendship. Wizdom got the lead role in the fantasy adventure drama “Fire and Ice: Chronicles of Dragons” produced by Romania. The action takes place in a magical kingdom. The inhabitants are threatened by a fire dragon, and only an ice dragon, which needs to be freed, can stop it. The brave girl and her friends must save the fabulous creature. The drama was screened in the United States, Germany, Japan, Hungary, Italy, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands.

In 2009, the actor underwent a casting call for the role of Scott Myers in the crime detective “Beyond Suspicion”. At the center of the story is a young ambitious policewoman. He then played Mark in the musical comedy “Rock Wave” co-produced by the UK, France and Germany. The main characters are DJs of a British pirate radio show from the 1960s. The actor could later be seen as John Brown in the comedy “Keepers of Light”. It’s a story about lighthouse caretakers. They are strongly opposed to women of the beautiful sex. However, they soon meet robed women and change their position. In 2012, the series “Young Morse” began, in which Wizdom was given the role of Gerard Pickman. The directors of the British crime detective are Colm McCarthy, Geoffrey Sachs, Andy Wilson.

In 2013, Tom was given the role of Anthony in the TV series “Hannibal”, which ran through 2015. The crime thriller was the winner of the Saturn Award. In the same year, the actor appeared in the melodrama “Romeo and Juliet”. A play by William Shakespeare was based on the story. The drama director is Carlo Carlei. Tom was then given the role of Douglas in the painting “Soul Soldier”. In this horror film, Wizdom has one of the lead roles. According to the story, the girl who has lost her husband cannot accept his death. She tried to kill herself, but without success. Soon, the widow begins to hear voices. The film has been presented at events such as Lund Fantastic Film Festival, Espoo Film Festival, Fantashporto Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival, FILM4 Film Festival FRIGHTFEST and Sitges International Film Festival.

In 2014, the series “Dominion” began, in which the actor received the role. A fantastic action film tells of a young soldier’s journey. The following year, Tom appeared as Charlie Cooper in the adventure family film “Molly Moon and the Magic Book of Hypnosis”. The main character is a little orphan. She finds an old book on hypnosis, and her unhappy life changes. The drama was shown at the Seattle International Film Festival. In 2018, the actor could be seen as Marcus in the crime drama “Intervention”. Tom plays one of the lead characters. Among Wizdom’s latest works is the fantasy action film “Avengers: Finale.” The film won a Saturn Award.

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