Tom McBeth: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Tom McBeth was born in Vancouver on May 2, 1946. He began filming in the mid-1980s. His account has more than 170 works in film and television. He has often starred with actors such as Gary Chock, Kevin McNulty, Gerard Plunket, Jay Brazeau, Venus Terzo, Steven E. Miller, Tom Heaton, Malcolm Stewart, Brent State and Dale Wilson. Tom’s works were invited by directors Brad Turner, Toshiyuki Hiruma, Niall Fearnley, Michael Robisan, Jeff Woolnaf, Brenton Spencer, David Frazey, Ann Wieler and Helen Shaver. Despite such popularity as the actor, his personal life, wife, family and children is virtually unknown.

Beginning his film career

Tom appeared on screens in 1984. That’s when he played Farrel in the film “The Shining Dome”. After he was invited to the TV series “Dangerous Bay” for the role of David Berman. In 1985, Tom played a policeman in the painting “Exceptional Fury” and a bank manager in the film “In Thin Air”. In 1987 the famous TV series “Jump Street, 21” with the participation of the actor began. 1987 brought him a role in the film “Malone” and the TV series “Smart Man”. That same year, she played in the painting “Christmas Comes to Willow Creek”.

The main roles

You can say that mostly the actor appeared in episodes. With such extensive filmography, it is difficult to play many major or even just noticeable roles. However, the actor has them. In 1990, he starred in the US-Canada co-produced drama “Disbat”. The film has a high rating. The painting has been presented at the Deauville Film Festival, the Denver International Film Festival, and the Sundance Film Festival. He could then be seen in the 1994 Canadian action film “Trust Me.” His set partners were Currie Graham, Sandra Nelson, Iain Tracy and Duncan Frizer.

In 2001, Tom starred in the television comedy-family drama “Dead Season”. The director is Bruce Davison. The painting tells of a mysterious old man who fulfills the wishes of those around him. In 2007, the actor got some of the lead roles at once in 2 films. He starred in the American crime action film “Bad Son”. His partners on this thriller were Katrin Dent, Ben Cotton, and Marilyn Norrie.

He was also invited to the television action film “Domestic Enemy” produced by the United States and Canada. The plot develops around a blind girl and runaway prisoners. Among the actor’s recent works are the role of Henry in the 2018 film “Time to Come Home for Christmas” and the role of Charlie in the 2019 painting “Christmas Hope: Fated to Love”. The actor also played one of the minor characters in the 2017 TV series “When We Rise”.

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