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Teresa Norr was born in Sacramento, California in December March 1946. Her mother’s name was Svann Gye, and her father James “Jim” Crest had two children (son and daughter) from a previous marriage. Teresa’s father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and had to leave a paid job at a cheese factory in Rio Linda, California. Teresa’s mother died as a result of heart failure. Theresa was very attached to her mother so when her mother passed away in 1961 she fell into a deep depression,

Marriages and personal life

At the age of 16 she came out became a wife Clifford Clyde Sanders. This man was five years older than her, and from him she had a son named Howard. The pair constantly quarreled over Teresa’s irrepressible character and rumors of infidelity. Her husband contributed to the deterioration of the relationship and was even going to leave her. This infuriated Teresa, who killed him in 1964 with a rifle shot in the chest. She was acquitted of self-defense charges, at the time she was pregnant with her second daughter Sheila.

In 1966 she married Robert Norr when she was seventh month pregnant with her third daughter Susan, born on March 13 of that year, and a year later she gave birth William in 1968 and Theresa in 1970, known as Terr, a junior of Norr. During these years, Teresa plunged into alcoholism, thus developing excessive schizophrenia. Once alone and with six children, in addition to an addiction to alcohol, Teresa will soon begin releasing all her anger and frustration with life on her children.

Systematic abuse

Theresa spent time intimidating her six children, whom she forced to sit on semi the kitchen and forced them to remain motionless while she stared at them for hours. At the slightest movement they made, she would grab children and beat them, and sometimes lock them up and throw kitchen knives at them. She took her youngest daughter Terri one day and began threatening her with a .22-caliber pistol, pointing a gun at the little girl’s head to scare her. Terry had numerous nightmares after this event.

Murder of Susan Norr

As a result of her sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition, Teresa began to add excessively in weight and blamed it on her daughter Susan, claiming she was obsessed by the devil and put spells on her to make her fat As punishment Teresa would cook large pots of pasta with cheese and fat and force her daughter to eat them so she would gain weight . The punishment ritual was to put a burning pan on the bare feet of Susan’s sitting on the floor and make sure she did away with the whole pot. One day, Susan ran away from home and reported her mother to the local police, reporting everything her mother had done to her and her siblings, but Teresa assured police officers that her words were lies.

Back home, Susan met her mother, who took her clothes off, took her to the dining room of the house and exposed her nude in front of her sons and daughters. Theresa then asked her sons William and Robert to hold her, and while they were holding her, beat her with a leather glove, causing the rest of the children to beat her too. A subsequent post-mortem examination found that as a result of the abuse Susan received on the same day, she developed a tumour in one of her ovaries and also occurred several internal hemorrhages. But for Susan, the punishment wasn’t over. After being beaten, Susan was tied to one of the beds and held by her brothers to keep her from escaping. In doing so, she was fed twice a day until Susan was finally broken. Thus Teresa became convinced that Susan would not try to escape again.

Teresa, however, was still convinced Susan was continuing to read the spells, which made her look fatter, and this caused her fury, despite the fact that her daughter denied everything, Teresa shot Susan in the chest in a fit of rage. Not wanting the police to get involved, Teresa forced her eldest daughter Sheila to put Susan’s body in the bathroom. There, her mother cleared the wound and healed it with bandages and gauze. Susan’s sisters took turns bathing and feeding her until she came to her senses and returned to normal, but the bullet did not pass through Susan’s body, but became stuck in her back.


short time later, Teresa stabs Susan in the back with sharp scissors. The injuries were very serious and Susan, who could no longer tolerate the abuse, told her mother she wanted to leave that house. Oddly, Teresa agreed, but she set one condition: the bullet, which was still in Susan’s back, had to be retrieved. She didn’t want anyone to blame her.

The girl had no choice but to agree to surgery. Otherwise she still wouldn’t have gotten out of there. Her mother gave her a large amount of alcohol and pills to keep her asleep for a long time. Children were forced to assist in the operation. Theresa ordered her 15-year-old son Robert to take a knife, cut Susan’s back and remove the bullet.

He had to cut a large amount of muscle tissue and tap his finger on the wound to find her bullet. Conditions were terrible, sanitation and hygiene were completely absent. The girl was lucky to survive a one-shot wound, but it was obvious that she would not survive the surgery.

The next day, Susan woke up screaming in excruciating pain. Her mother gave her several pills, similar to antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents, but the infection and damage were too great. His skin and eyes turned yellow and she lost control of her own intestines.

Unable to stand Susan’s screams anymore, Teresa obscured her mouth with scotch, tied her legs and arms, and packed her daughter’s body and all her belongings with a garbage bag. After driving a few kilometres away from the house, they soon left town and made it to a nearby bridge where Teresa, having soaked all the belongings and Susan’s body in petrol, set her on fire without remorse, suggesting that she already dead. But a subsequent autopsy revealed that Susan was still alive when she was burned. Due to the poor condition of the corpse, Susan was never fully identified.


murder of Sheila

Two years after this murder, Teresa, in order to increase her family’s income, forced her eldest daughter Sheila into prostitution. Sheila, afraid to flee from the same fate as her sister Susan, had no choice but to comply. Sheila was fine at first and she could bring money into the house. But soon Teresa’s mania re-emerged and she began harassing her daughter, accusing her of being pregnant and allegedly contracting a venereal disease. Sheila denied it all vehemently. An enraged Teresa beat her badly, tied her legs and arms and locked her in a very small cupboard that was too hot. But that wasn’t all: Theresa made her children watch the door and not open it under any circumstances. They were also forbidden from giving Sheila food or drink until she confessed what Teresa wanted to hear, N even afterwards the mother still kept her locked up, accusing Sheila of lying.

A few days later, they heard a very loud noise in the closet. It was the last sign of life Sheila served. When her brothers removed her from the closet three days later, she was dead. Sheila died of malnutrition and dehydration.

Teresa, feared being involved in the murder of her daughter, while Sheila’s corpse began to emit a strong smell that was felt throughout the house, Mother ordered her children to put Sheila in cardboard box. Teresa’s children then dumped the body near Truckee Airport (CA). Sheila’s body was found days later but so decomposed he was never identified.

During further attempts to destroy evidence proving Sheila’s death, Teresa ordered her youngest daughter Terry set the house on fire, which she did, leaving enough evidence for firefighters and police that the fire covered up murder. Afterwards, each of Norr’s sons decided to run away from this house of horrors. All but Robert Jr., who, unwilling to start life virtually from scratch, went to rob bars to Las Vegas. In 1991, after the murder of one of the bar’s owners, Robert was sentenced to 16 years in prison. In doing so, Theresa had to flee Las Vegas to Salt Lake City.

Meanwhile, Terry, in order to survive, had to use his sister Sheila’s ID to hide his age. She married and her husband helped her overcome her suffered trauma, but Terry still wanted revenge and put her mad mother into justice. It was 9 years after she ran away from Teresa and 11 years after Sheila’s death before Terry went to police to report what happened.

Arrest and Conviction

Collecting evidence based on Terry’s testimony, police began searching for Teresa Norr, eventually finding her in Salt Lake City on November 10, 1993. When they arrested her, Teresa introduced herself as her maiden name Cross and said she was looking after her master’s mother, an 86-year-old woman.

Teresa pleaded not guilty to the charges, but suspected one of her sons would testify against her. Otherwise, there was enough evidence to sentence her to death for her affairs. She subsequently decided to plead guilty in order to commute her sentence. On 17 October 1995, Teresa was sentenced to two consecutive life terms, with the possibility of undergoing probation in 2027. If she survives by then, she will be 80 years old.

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