“Ten Sharp”: history of the band

Founders and frontmen of the team Niels Hermes and Marcel Kaptein, keyboardist and vocalist, started their careers in the band Streets, performing rock compositions in original interpretation.

The birth of the project

Wishing to attract the attention of record labels, in 1983 musicians recorded new tracks. They got CBS Records interested. However, it was revealed that a group with the same name already existed. Musicians were offered to rename the collective. In October 1983, the team became Ten Sharp.

In early 1985, the band recorded the song “When the Snow Falls”, rising in a hit parade to 15-line. The top 30 of the national charts included the hit “Japanese Love Song”.

1985 was on tour of the Netherlands. In February 1987, the band presented the novelty “Way of the West” in an arrangement unaccustomed to listeners.

Downfalls and ups

By autumn 1987 only Nils Hermes and Ton Groen remained in the team. They began collaborations with other artists, writing songs for them. In 1989, the authors presented new compositions for the national competition.

A demo version of and “Ain’t My Beating Heart” and “You” for them was recorded by Kapteyn. His vocals so shook the management of “Sony Music” that he was contracted. The revived “Ten Sharp” looked like a trio from keyboardist Nils Hermes, soloist Marcel Kaptein and lyrics author Ton Groen.

The tracks for the compilation “Under the Water-Line” the team recorded in late 1990. The album with the international hit “You” was presented in March 1991.


Popularity gained the disc itself, which provided the collective’s exit to a new level. With the recording of the tracks “Rich Man” and “When the Spirit Slips Away”, work began on a new record.

Mega-demand “Yu” led the team to tours in Europe, performances on radio, television. Accompanied musicians in the studio only a grand piano. At times, the line-up was supplemented by saxophonist Tom Barlage.

In the fall of 1992 fans received a new compilation, “The Fire Inside”. The disc featured greater saturation and depth of the compositions. Listeners noted the lyricism, and intimacy of the tracks.

Again on top

The next album released in May 1993 included the song “Dream On”. It was firmly established in several music charts in the Netherlands and became popular with fans of the collective.

The tour of Argentina inspired the creation of the single and music video “Rumors in the City”. The idea was supported by “Amnesty International”, whose footage became the basis of the video.

“ Ten Sharp” continues its creativity. The band evolved into a benchmark of stylish and intelligent conciseness in pop music.

In an ideal ratio, musicians present listeners with a combination of soul, high quality rock and electronics. With such a “cocktail” they managed to conquer quite a few melomans all over the world.

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