Tatyana Shapovalova: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Tatiana Shapovalova — founder of the School of Yogi, psychologist, coach.

What Tatyana Shapovalovais engaged

in This specialist since 2011 records online programs where she helps women support their health, develop a personality.

And since 1996 Shapovalova is a business coach. She conducts author seminars, trains commercial firms, networking companies.

Since 1988, Tatyana Shapovalova is a psychologist and trainer, she helps people achieve personal growth.

Tetiana Shapovalova’s

professional career

after graduation went to the State Pedagogical University of Chisinau, as she is from Moldova.

There she received her diploma as an educationalist historian. Then in 1992, Tatiana graduated from the Higher Komsomol School, came from there as a certified specialist psychologist. Here she was taught to organize and conduct trainings, to introduce innovative methods of training. Tatyana Shapovalova has interned in Lviv, Bulgaria, Moscow, Poland, Israel and Kiev.

In the Yoga Academy of Kharkiv, the girl studied the basics of hatha yoga.

She then made a worthy contribution to the development of this direction, as Tatiana was a pupil of Liz Bourbeau, trained at the famous Academy of Color Therapy.

Now a woman knows the basics of Taoist, African and Latin American yoga.

Shapovalova also studied the basics of Buddhist chants when psychological therapy is performed through dance and music.

This creative specialist has written several dozen books that, according to her, help to live and develop. She herself does not stop self-improvement. Tatiana dreams of building the International Center for Human Development in Moldova. She says that specialists will be able to create the necessary conditions for the development of personal qualities. Rooms will be arranged in this Center, where visitors from anywhere in the world will be able to gain strength, rest, and then get different kinds of psychological support, necessary knowledge.

The personal life


Tatyana Shapovalov does not describe whose wife she is, who her husband has. But she runs her video channel, personal psychological counselling.


specialist helps those who come to overcome age crises, cope with marital conflicts, stressful situations, form a personal image.

Tatyana Shapovalova also helps people to learn the basics of public performances so that there are no fears, clamping before the audience.

The specialist offers not only face-to-face consultations in Moldova, but also on Skype. The duration of such distance classes is 1.5 to 2 hours.

The Tatiana Shapovalova Center employs a whole staff of specialists who are also ready to come to the aid of those in need for a certain reward.

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