Tatyana Ovsienko: a brief biography

Girlfriend from the outskirts


Perennial practice testifies that children need to be engaged and attached to useful affairs. Tatyana Ovsienko came to light on October 22, 1966 in an ordinary Soviet family. Parents at that time lived in the famous city of Kiev. His father worked as a driver of heavy goods cars. The mother worked as a lab technician at a research institute. For several years, they had to huddle with a child in a dorm room. In 1970, Tatiana had a younger sister, Victoria. After a while, the family was allocated a separate well-maintained apartment.

The future singer showed off her musical and vocal abilities from an early age. When she turned four, her parents enrolled her in the figure skating section. Having mastered the skiing technique, she always hummed familiar tunes. After a while, the girl was transferred to swimming as figure skating classes for her proved tedious. When age came, Tanya went to two schools at the same time — general education and music. She studied well. She engaged in artistic self-activity with great desire. She sang for several years in the famous children’s choir “Sunshine”.

Professional activity

It is interesting to note that in school years Ovsienko didn’t even think about music career. After receiving her matriculation certificate, she entered the Kiev Technical School of Hospitality. The certified specialist was sent to work on distribution by the administrator in the local hotel “Bratislava”. Famous musicians, singers, actors and other artists of art and culture regularly stayed in this hotel. Thanks to this tradition, Tatyana got acquainted with Natalia Vetlicka, who at that time was a soloist of the Mirage group.

Tatiana was accepted into the group for the position of costumer. And in six months it was approved for the place of the second soloist. It was the first stage on the road to notoriety. In 1991, Ovsienko organized her first group, which was named Voyage. She was supported by composer Viktor Chaika and producer Vladimir Dubovitsky. The band’s first album, titled “Beautiful Girl”, was soon released. The public in the capital and in remote regions favorably accepted the singer’s work.

Recognition and personal life The

work of Tatyana Ovsiyenko is distinguished by sincerity and optimism. She often gives benefit concerts. For active life position and patriotism, the singer was awarded medals “For military valor” and “200 years of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia”, badge “For service in the Caucasus”. Among the awards and the NATO Medal “For Peacekeeping” in the province of Kosovo.


singer’s personal life was not very successful. With his first spouse, Vladimir Dubovitsky, who was concurrently a producer, Tatiana lived in an official marriage for ten years. After which the husband and wife decided to break up. Several times Ovsienko tried to create a family hearth, but so far to no avail. But the time is still there and Tatiana does not lose hope.

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