Tatiana Klyueva: biography, creativity, career, personal life

None of the fans of Tatiana Nikolayevna Klyueva were presented with the reasons that forced the talented performer to leave her career and leave the profession in salesmen. However, the promising GITIS graduate of shooting preferred family happiness. And her choice, she admits, has no regrets.

The beginning of his career in cinema


biography of the future star began in 1951 in Moscow. The girl appeared on August 25. Artistic abilities manifested themselves in childhood. The daughter was supported in her hobbies by her parents. The active girl took part in school performances with pleasure. In 1965, the young actress made his film debut.

In Alexander Mitta’s film “Call, Open the Door”, Klyueva was offered a small role. Although the name of the performer was not specified in the credits, Tatyana decided to associate her future with the cinema.

During filming she received a new offer, this time to play the main character of the film “Scuba at the bottom” – Oksana. According to the script of the child detective, the girl along with the protagonist leads the investigation.

Star role

In his picture invited sixteen-year-old girl famous director Alexander Rowe. In the film “Fire, Water and Copper Pipes”, he planned to star Tatiana as Alenushka. However, the cooperation did not take place because of the approval of another performer. The distressed job applicant was promised participation in the new film.

Rowe kept his word. Especially for Klyueva the script “Barbaries-Krasy, Long Braid” was written. The tale premiered on the eve of 1970. The audience was fascinated by the main character. Instantly behind the character, and then the actress, the glory of the most beautiful tsarevna of Soviet fairy tales was established.

The performer never considered herself a star.

A new twist of fate

Tatiana studied in GITIS. The student played again in the film-tale “The Strongest” and left the profession for the sake of the family. The chosen star was her classmate Dmitry Gagin. The young man was a sailor.

After the official ceremony, the couple went to the couple’s duty station in Sevastopol. The husband, a long-range captain, spent virtually all the time at sea. The wife engaged son Jan, who appeared a year later than the wedding, and was looking for work. For the sake of the baby, mom didn’t consent to filming

For a time, the actress labored as a cameraman at a local taxi park. She then worked for a dating bureau, finally becoming a salesman in the market. The artist turned out to be a talented entrepreneur. She managed to set up her own shoe sales business.

Off screen

Despite all the complexities, the celebrity never regretted leaving the capital and career for the sake of family. Growing up his son received a legal education and went to work in security. He has a daughter Anya growing up.

In 1995, the actress reappeared on screen in the TV project “Love Island”. She played Varvara Karpovna Sukhobrieva, a supporting heroine.

The performer doesn’t plan to return to the film profession. It is part of the Filmmakers Union and the Women’s Union of Russia

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