Tamara Miansarova: a brief biography

Starting conditions

 According to folk signs, the song can be considered famous when it is sung at a festive table or in the evening outside. Over the years, “Letku-Enku” was danced at weddings, and “Black Cat” was necessarily performed at youth events. Representatives of the current generation already don’t know the name of the singer who performed these incendiary songs. Only older people can remember her name is Tamara Miansarova. She remained in the folk memory and on rare video clips a captivating and elegant performer.

The future People’s Artist of Russia came to light on March 5, 1931 in an intelligent family. Parents at that time lived in the famous city of Kirovohrad in Ukraine. His father served as an actor in the Odessa Drama Theatre. Her mother worked as an opera singer. Music and songs were always heard in the house. Tamara took the stage for the first time when she turned four. Before long, the head of the family left home to another woman. After which the daughter and mother moved to Minsk, to their relatives.


‘s creative activities

from his early years showed vocal and musical abilities. Her mother taught her to sing and play the piano. Frequently took her with her to rehearsals. When the time came to study, the girl became engaged in general school and in music. In 1951, after hesitation and doubt, Tamara came to Moscow and joined the faculty of piano at the State Conservatory. At the next All-Union competition of pop artists she performed under the surname of her husband – Miansarov. She performed and took an honorable third place.

The singer was invited as a soloist to Igor Granov’s jazz quartet. The collective successfully toured the Soviet Union and abroad. In 1962 at the World Festival of Youth and Students Miansarova won the title of laureate by singing the song “Ai-lyuli”. Just a year and a half later, the singer becomes the winner of the International Music Festival in Sopot, Poland. Tamara performed the song “Sunny Circle”. From this time, Minasarova became the idol of Polish viewers.

Recognition and personal life

But not everything folded smoothly in Miansarova’s fate. The dislike of the official from the Ministry of Culture poured into outright persecution. The singer stopped being invited to concerts and tours. Then she had to leave for the city of Donetsk, where she worked for more than twelve years. And only in 1996 she was awarded the title of People’s Artist of Russia.

Tamara Miansarova’s personal life didn’t add up immediately. She was officially married four times. For the past 25 years, the singer has lived under the same roof with Mark Feldman, who was her producer. Tamara Grigorievna raised and raised two children — a son and a daughter. The singer died in July 2017. She is buried in the Troyekurov Cemetery of Moscow.

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