Symbircite: appearance, healing and magical properties of stone, compatibility with Zodiac signs

Volga amber or Simbirsk calcite was first discovered in 1765 in Simbirsk province by scientist Efimov. He described the find as a black large stone with clear yellow-orange veins. The subspecies of marble onyx are distinguished by translucency and silky sheen. The brittle mineral is easily treatable.

Appearance, features

Most often the symbircite is painted in orange or yellow tones. Crystals of white, maroon, brown or green are less common. The colour depends on the type of impurities, iron and manganese in particular. Each instance differs with a unique pattern.

Symbircite is divided into vein and ammonite. The first subspecies with a pattern in stripes is most common. Rounded ammonite occurs less frequently.

Since 2010 the synthesis of artificial analogues is carried out. Therefore, when acquiring, it is necessary to distinguish the original from the imitation. The natural sample is soft. He leaves no scratches on the glass. Synthetic distinguishes great hardness.

From symbircite make not only decorations, but also countertops, vases, fireplaces, figurines, it is used for wall cladding.


healing properties

of the

Stone is endowed with healing properties. Lithotherapists recommend the mineral in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, to normalize the work of the pancreas, spleen, liver. Has a beneficial effect of self-color on the activity of the musculoskeletal system. It is especially shown in gout, arthritis, rheumatism.

Struggles Volga amber with depressions and fears, eliminates mental disorders, reduces headaches in migraines. The powder of their stone is treated with eczema and light burns.

For each case choose a special accessory. So, from cervical osteochondrosis will relieve the necklace, hairpins or earrings will reduce the headache. From stress or anxiety will protect beads. As a mascot, a large stone rounded shape is worn in silver.

Magic properties

 The main advantage of symbircite is the ability to rid the wearer of loneliness. Gem brings the meeting closer with the second half, harmonizes family relations.

Wearing a crystal ensures material wealth and successful career. Reliably protects Simbiran calcite from negativity. He’s shown to everyone working with people. The amulet will save from burnout, indifference, help to establish communication.

Astrologers are confident that the stone does no harm to anyone. However, wearing it is especially advised by the Taurus and Lions to get rid of excess ambition.



in affairs is attracted by a standing statuette on the table. She is usually housed at home.

Symbircite is very soft, so it is not suitable in the role of a keyring. Store products separate from other decorations, wrapped in soft fabric. The stone is protected from blows: it is easily broken when falling.

To rid the amulet from the accumulated negative overnight put Volga amber in salt water. For recharging, the mascot is laid out every month for half an hour in the sun.

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