Sylvie Vartan: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Starting a stage career at 16, Sylvie Vartan was one of the first in France to sing rock. And currently, the singer continues to tour. The legend of French pop records records, made in movies. Not a hindrance to her creativity even a solid age.

The path to calling


biography of the future star began in 1944. The girl was born in the village of Iskretz on August 15 in the family of attaché to the French Embassy in Bulgaria Georges Vartanyan and his wife Ilona Meyer.

In 1952, together with her older brother Eddie, subsequently a professional musician, and Sylvie’s parents, moved to France. Adults who shortened the surname to Vartan settled in the capital of the country. The daughter studied at the Lyceum named after Victor Hugo, where she mastered French in perfection. In 1952 Sylvie first starred in cinema as a schoolgirl in the drama “Under the Yoke”.

In 1961 Sylvie made her stage debut. The brother, a professional trumpeter and art director of the label “RCA”, suggested to the music sister to record the single “Panne d ‘essence” with rapper Frankie Jordan. The song became a hit.


Vartan began work on the first disc of “Sylvie”. The premiere of the novelty was successful. The album “Twiste et Chante” was equally popular. The press called the vocalist a twisty high school girl. In 1965, the singer’s English-language album “A gift wrapped from Paris” was released.

A popular performer was offered to star in a movie. She played in the films “Un clair de lune à Maubeuge”, “Patate”, “D ‘où viens-tu, Johnny?”.

Made a star and a personal life. Her spouse was rock musician Johnny Holliday. In 1966 there was a child in the family. David-Michel Benjamain gained fame under the name David Holliday. He became a musician, became famous as a motor racing driver.

In 1973, the vocalist recorded her first family duet, “J’ai un problème”. The gold single was performed in different languages. In 1979, one of the most famous songs of the vocalist, “Nicolas”, was played for the first time.

Family and career

In 1980 the family union broke up. The singer’s new choice and husband was American producer Tonny Scotty. An adopted daughter, Darina, grew up in their family. Sylvie pursued a musical career. Sylvie has released 50 albums in total. Engaged in French pop legend and charity.

Didn’t stop celebrity film career. In 1997, she played Stephanie, the main character of the thriller “L ‘Ange Noir”. In 2011, the performer presented the mini-album “Personne”. In 2014, the singer played Nadine in the comedy “Missionaries”.

The singer has been awarded many prestigious awards, not only national, but also foreign. She is a Chevalier of the Order of the Légion d’honneur, the National Order of Merit, and the

Fans explain the longevity of successful stage activity not only to the bright appearance of the performer. The main component of her phenomenal success is talent.

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