Sylvette Erry: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Nobody in Sylvet Erry’s family had a relationship to the art world: Mom worked as a saleswoman, father served in the police force. However, the daughter chose the creative profession.

The road to fame


biography of the future star began in 1950. The baby appeared in Paris on February 22. The aspiration to become an actress in childhood and youth was not different. She studied, planning to become a weaver and a weaver in the future. Then there was work as a saleswoman at the fair.

Attention to the attractive girl was paid by the director. He suggested the sociable Sylvette visit his “Café de la gar”, an experimental open-air theatre. Professional career began with the amplua of the work scene: future celebrity and furniture fixed, and costumes with butaphors helped, and the floors of soap. Erry was then accepted into the troupe.

She played on the same stage with future mayors of French cinema. Sylvette herself made her film debut in 1971. The girl got a small role. In the film “Escape”, she got the heroine Petit Equareil. Then there was an episode in the short “The Sentimental Life of Georges Le Thuer”.


actress got puerile blondes once after time. It is no wonder that the image is so tight with her that to get rid of the template and get a serious role Miu-Miu could only a decade later.


A notable success was the work in Bernard Blieux’s painting “The Waltzing”. After its premiere in 1974, the film turned into a cult one, and Miu-Miu herself, with film partners Depardieu and Devaeyer, became a real star. With Isabelle Huper Sylvet created one of the more interesting screen female film duets of the 70s-80s.

The type of “his” girl became increasingly in demand, as directors focused on modern youth. The role in the “Triumphant March” 1976 proved interesting. At the same time, the film “F as Ferbanks”, which reflects the story of the relationship between Miu-Miu and her wife Patrick Devaer. The painting brought in 1977 the first Cesar Award nomination.

The works in film history “Reader” were interesting. Miu-Miu’s heroine became an “intellectual on call”. She reads books to those in need of a similar service.

Off-screen For

the “Cesar” award, the star has been nominated 9 times. However, receiving her for her role in the painting “The Ruse” refused, explaining that there were no bad and good roles for her. They all require the same return.

In 2004 Miu-Miu starred in the miniseries “Ambre a disparu”. And in 2013 she played in the painting “Arrêtez-moi”. Though much rarer, but the actress continues to star.

One in 90 films a celebrity is similar to her personal life. The actress’s first choice was her colleague Patrick Devaer. In 1974 they had a child, daughter Angela. The couple broke up.

Singer Julien Clair was the new companion of the star’s life. Their daughter Jeanne Erry, born in 1978, continued her mother’s cause, opting for an artistic career.

Miu-Miu is currently in a relationship with actor, screenwriter and writer Jean Tele.

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