Svetlana Anokhina: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Template work absolutely does not inspire Svetlana Anatolyevna to new ideas. The author refers to himself with irony, believing that the definition is already in itself driven into the framework, and this is unacceptable. By her admission, she is a completely undefined journalist.

Search for a vocation

The biography of a future celebrity began in 1962. The girl appeared on August 8 in Makhachkala in the family of the military. Besides her parents raised the older sister Irina. The father headed the criminal investigation department of the republic, mother headed the laboratory at the Institute of Physics.

Active unseated baby early learned to read and spent a lot of time in a large home library. She fantasized for hours, coming up with exciting romantic stories from the lives of made-up ancestors.

After school her education she continued on the philfac of the university. The student arranged her personal life in the second year, together with her husband the wife went then to Lviv. In union, they had two children, daughters.

In Makhachkala Anokhina returned in 1999 after her third divorce. She worked for local newspapers, was a television presenter. It was at that moment that the understanding came that information was needed for journalism and only. It seemed an active personality too boring. Svetlana decided to engage in new creativity, which gives the opportunity to wonder herself.

New ideas The

profession as if pushed to reveal the essence of the city. On the streets of the small homeland Anokhina approached the people who aroused her interest and asked to tell about her childhood, youth, first love, family. One person called another to be approached with the same questions. The information received was recorded. So in 2007 there was a grand project of Polina Sanaeva and Svetlana Anokhina “There was such a city”.

No participant was called regalia, ranks, and awards indicated whoever the person was. But necessarily called the activity of the citizen. It caused amazement in all interviewees, celebrities did not consider themselves. Journalists managed to opoetize habitual life, returning people a sense of pride and letting themselves see from the sidelines.

On the basis of the project the book “There was such a city. Makhachkala”. The publication aroused considerable interest. After success, the authors decided to cover new cities. The developers soon released the album “There was such a city. Derbent”, founded the network group “There was such a city. Nalchik”. In Svetlana’s plans Buynaksk appeared. By her design, cities should have been three initially: brash modern Makhachkala, leisurely ancient Derbent and once the capital of the republic, mountainous Buynaksk.


author does not plan to complete the project. The materials that did not fit in format were so exciting that Anokhina was engaged in drawing up a separate selection of them. She was offered to publish articles in Dagestan magazine. All ties to personalities Svetlana removed: the story of the era is told by anonymous voices.


Some traditions caused rejection and misunderstanding among the journalist. She decided to publish the collected materials on the topic of substitution of concepts. The problems were in the choice of information submission format. Tatiana Zelenskaya offered to release the cartoon. In it “childish” means authors told terrible stories.

For the grant material with Svetlana was submitted by Aida Mirmaksumova. After the win, both received an offer to expand coverage. The project “Fathers and Daughters”, which became the starting point for the new idea, included the video “Letter to Dad” and the cartoons “Don’t be afraid, I’m with you”. Anonymous messages on camera were uttered by women, one of the letters was read by professional presenter Asya Belova.

The reaction was different. However, according to the majority, the project turned out to be very timely and very necessary, Svetlana Anatolyevna herself believes that the public honest conversations are necessary. The subject matter is relevant to any family.

Anokhina has her own opinion on everything. She writes memorably vivid articles as an urban history and culture researcher created a new direction, finding celebrity.

She confesses that she has failed to become a mum in a classic understanding, but is very proud of her children. The younger daughter continued the dynasty, choosing to work journalism.

Hobbies and work

Svetlana Anatolyevna adores hats, fish and skirts. All this she gladly collects. In doing so, she calls herself an atypical gatherer, choosing things that require salvation but are completely impractical.

Also fascinated by celebrity travel. According to her, in new cities she likes to “dive”, often opening from the unexpected side already the most usual places.

Her position is complete openness to the world. This is the only way you can get new thoughts, luck and happiness with the associated wind. She’s sure life gives her what it takes. Nothing extra, which will be necessary to get rid of, she has no.

She is humorous about the fans” wish never to change, believing such events cannot be kept in check. In the interview she admitted that she would gladly add efficiency, ability to present herself, diligence and talent.

At the same time, the author calls the support of her people. In the plans of the famous journalist, the chief editor of the portal “”, new projects completely unlike any of the previous ones.

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