Supian Abdullayev: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Biography: early years

Supian Minkailovich Abdullayev was born on November 8, 1956 in Kazakhstan. Nationally Chechen. His ancestors resided in the village of Khatuni, which is 57 km from Grozny, and belonged to the taipa of Tsadakharoi.

In the

spring of 1944, the parents were deported to Kazakhstan as part of Operation Lentil. Then more than half a million Chechens and Ingush were sent to Central Asia. The authorities officially cited cooperation with fascists and anti-Soviet activities as reasons for forced relocation.

In the 60s came the famous “thaw” and the Caucasian peoples were allowed to return. The Abdullayev family came to their native lands. The history of forced deportation put an imprint on Supian’s fate. Subsequently, he would be a fierce opponent of the Russian authorities.

In 1972, Abdullayev finished school in his native village and entered a teacher training school. He then continued his education at Checheno-Ingush University. At the same time he became a master of sports in freestyle wrestling.

After high school, Abdullayev worked as a physical arm in several schools of his district. In parallel, he received training from alims (connoisseurs of Islam) in Chechnya and Dagestan. Soon Abdullayev began leading lessons in Islam in children’s religious schools.

In the late 1980s, together with active co-religionists, he created the Islamic Revival party. He later stood at the helm of al-Risal’s Islamic center in Grozny.

Political activity

After the collapse of the Union, Abdullayev began to participate directly in the political events of his native Chechnya. He opposed its entry into Russia.

In 1994 he was a participant in the storming of Grozny. He was part of a battle group that attacked the armed opposition opposed to Dzhokhar Dudayev. In the same year, he became deputy commander of the Islamic Battalion. In 1996, Abdullayev commanded the militants at another assault of Grozny, during which the FSB building and the republic’s government house were attacked.

After the end of the first Chechen campaign, the then president of Chechnya Aslan Maskhadov appointed him deputy head Ministry of State Security of the Republic. As a former teacher, he was responsible for the educational work of the staff.

In 2004, Abdullayev became the finance minister of the Chechen Republic. At the same time, he takes an active part in the second military campaign.

Abdullayev was the right hand man of separatist Doku Umarov. In 2007 that made Supian vice president of Chechnya.

Personal life

Information about wife and children is not available. It was probably concealed purposefully so that the gunman’s family could not retaliate.

Abdullayev was killed in March 2011 during a sweep of a militant base in a district of Ingushetia.

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