Sunstone: Features, Views and Magic Properties of Heliolite

Romantic name is used in reference to amber, topaz, carnelian and even pink fluorite. But still the real sunstone is heliolite. Although each specimen is similar to the light, this does not mean that all gems are distinguished by yellow color.


There are greenish, brown and even colorless specimens. However, regardless of color, heliolite mineral is surprisingly spectacular and has incredible brilliance.

Several varieties of jewels are known. Classification is based on fields:

  • Norwegian;
  • Indian
  • ; Mexican;
  • Oregonian;
  • Tanzanian.


particularly bright aurora is the main sign of Norwegian sunstone. The very saturated colour changes from orange to brown, and the sparkling provides hematite inclusion.

The reddish hue predominates in Indian gems. Their brilliance is associated with a sunny sunset. The yellow intense shade has heliolites mined in Mexico.

Oregon minerals are multicolored beautiful overflows from greenish to red. There are crystals with a golden sheen. The characteristic feature is the fullest transparency and change of hue depending on the angle of light falling.

Tanzanian gems are extremely rare. They are distinguished by the inclusion of golden hematite. It creates the effect of splashed inside the translucent mineral sequins.


A deposit of amazing oligoclas found in 1841 in the southern Andes. After nearly 140 years, one deposits of mineral were discovered in northwestern Oregon. Heliolite has evolved into the official symbol of the state.

The sign of festering is often the neighboring quartz. Medium hardness stone is used in industry. Crystals are easily polished and can be cut. The main difference of natural mineral from possible counterfeiting is the ability to flicker in the dark.


is appreciated heliolite and in folk healers. They are charged with water and perform wellness massages. Effectively combats

  • the amazing mineral: allergy manifestations;
  • nervous system failures;
  • stress, anxiety, nightmares, insomnia, depression and transportation, irritability;
  • impaired vision;
  • loss of appetite;
  • kidney, liver, GI;
  • heart and vessel disorders;
  • colds and colds reduced immunity;
  • with inflammation;
  • with headache and toothache;
  • with chronic fatigue.

Raw samples are particularly effective. However, you can also use mascots in silver or gold.


Esoterics endow the stone with powerful magical power. It is believed that the oligoclas:

  • attracts love, promotes the attainment and preservation of family happiness, trust between spouses, loyalty and respect;
  • a

  • faithful helper in all matters, since gives endurance, confidence, luck and luck, contributes to overcoming any obstacles and solving problems of any complexity; a
  • source of youth, therefore especially recommended to older people, in need of positive and cheerfulness, good as a source of energy;
  • helps to develop intuition, gain freedom and purpose;
  • with heliolite it is easy to avoid people with unkind by thoughts: the oligoclas reflects envy and malice, protects against negativity.

Heat-emitting stone is particularly effective in sunny weather.

Astrologers recommend wearing the mascot to representatives of the fiery elements, Sagittarians, Ovns and Lions. The remaining signs may wear the gems as decoration. No harm the oligoclas will cause them.

In jewelry, the mineral is combined with silver and gold, base and precious stones. Particularly popular are pendants with raw crystals. Figures and figurines made of heliolite shimmering in the dark are used to decorate the interior.

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