Sultan Hurricane: Biography, Creativity, Career and Personal Life

Russian musician Sultan Hazhiroko (Khazhirokov) became popular thanks to the songs “I am without weapons”, “Unloved”, “To disco”. The pseudonym Hurricane performer took by the name of the dance ensemble in which his brother performed.

The road to success

The biography of a future celebrity began in 1984. The boy came to light on October 5 in Makhachkala in a friendly and large family. Besides him, parents raised two more sons. The child grew up artistic. He was constantly making up, organizing, he liked performances in public.

With acting creativity decided to connect the graduate and the future. Singing gave was opened during his studies at Dagestan State University, where Sultan headed the KVN team. The student came to the conclusion that he was unwilling to clamp down on his talent.

In 1998 his project “Sultan Hurricane” started activity. The musician acted as a frontman as well. She started her solo career as well.

The song “We’re the Bad Boys” was a great start. Singer regularly takes part in festivals and competitions, performed abroad.


According to the recognition of the arranger and vocalist, in the work of the team is scarred by mischievousness, which raises the mood of people against the background of depression in all spheres. Thus the musicians decided to replace the minor with a major.

Hazhiroko became famous in 2014. In 2013, the team collaborated with many authors. At the end of the year, together with Murat Thagalegov, the singer recorded the composition “To the Disco”. It quickly gained popularity, topping the country’s dance charts, turned into a folk hit known to every person. By August 2019, the music video for the song had garnered over 140 million views on “Youtube”.

He managed to realize the artist and in directing. Sultan founded the company “Storm Cinema” On it he filmed the melodramatic comedy “On the Sky Barefoot”. The singer not only performed as a production designer, but also acted in the film himself. The picture was approvingly accepted in 2015 by both the audience and the criticism.

In the

summer of 2017, the group pleased fans with the novelties “Valenki” and “Ponaem”. The latter became the soundtrack for the film of the same name, released in 2018. On May 25, the singer in a duet with Natalie appeared in the music video “I am without weapons”.

Plans and their implementation The

team has no plans to stop performances. The work in 2018 continued the numbers “Bahamas” and “Ksyusha, burning”. In 2019, “Bandito” and “In Bali” appeared.

In the entertainer’s personal life, it’s not that simple. In August 2016 after the official ceremony, he and model Olesya Shogenova became spouses. However, marriage did not last long. The artist is still in search of his soulmate.

Fans find announcements of their concerts and fresh pictures on the pages of social networks “VKontakte” “Instagram” and on “Facebook” and on the official website of the musician.

He has released several albums. They hear not only modern motifs, but also folklore ethnic.

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