Success Story: Savage Garden band


core of the Savage Garden group audience was teenagers. However, more adult listeners also liked melodic compositions and quality vocals.

Successful project

The idea of creation belonged to Daniel Jones. His band “Red Edge”, in which the musician played appeared in 1993. In search of a vocalist, Jones turned to the newspaper with an audition announcement. The only casting interested turned out to be Darren Hayes, then a student. He told a potential employer about his concept of a collective.

As a result, the duo “Crush” was born, the participants of which wrote both music and words themselves. After learning that there are several other bands with the same name, the guys changed the name to “Savage Garden”, inspired by the work of Ann Rice. The debut single “I Want You” was played in July 1996. In Australia, the novelty was waiting for unprecedented success.


song was nominated half a month after its premiere for the Aria award. On the “Billboard” charts, the composition took a more than prestigious for the debut position.


An even greater triumph awaited “To The Moon and Back.” The hit reached the top 30 of the United States. In 1997 the musicians presented the album “Savage Garden”. At that point, the duo’s songs had already become world hits.

The top-ten Aria award winning musicians participated in the show “The Future Of Earthly Delites” outside the country. The compositions “Universe” and “Break Me Shake Me” became iconic. The participants dispersed in different countries created a new collection “Affirmation”.

Two commercials were filmed for the song “I Want You”. The first video was an Australian low-budget. More expensive videos were shot for overseas display. The video is designed in a futuristic style.

Clips The

whole three music videos prepared for the hit single “To The Moon and Back”. On the first musicians were in a spaceship, the second video captured both on the apartment. The third showed a sad girl’s trip to visit on the subway.

“ Truly Madly Deeply” in the original Australian version — Hayes sings, Jones plays the piano. For Europe, the video is filmed as a story of separated lovers.

The music video for “I Knew I Loved You” starred Kirsten Dunst.

Life after glory

At the beginning of October 2001, there were information about the upcoming breakup of the band. The reason was called the recording of a solo album by Darren. After a pause, the duo did not reunite, and after 5 years the musicians presented a disc with the best songs “Truly Madly Completely: The Best of Savage Garden”. It went platinum.


the twentieth anniversary of the band’s inception, a new compilation album, “The Singles”, appeared. It included an unpublished demo version of “She”, made in 1994.

After Hayes left, a successful solo career awaited. Own label “Powdered Sugar” was founded in 2006 by Darren. However, he created comedy podcasts, realizing that the previous success will not be able to repeat.

Both ex-participants agree that “Savage Garden” is a lifetime left in the past.

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