Stone topaz: magical and medicinal properties

Stone topaz is highly regarded. And it is connected not only with the spectacular appearance, but also with a large number of different properties, both magical and medicinal.

By acquiring the mineral, it is necessary to know that it is very sensitive to sunlight. Crystal can just burn out. However, it is enough to hold the mineral in a dark place and it will return to its original state again.

The popularity of the mineral increased when it turned out that it was still and very durable. It will only be possible to scratch it with the help of a diamond.

At the present stage, minerals of a wide variety of colors are known. Yellow, red and blue crystals are most commonly found. More valuable is pink topaz. It is mined in Pakistan. The rarest gemcolor is a stone in a “shirt”. It’s topaz, used with smoky film.


therapeutic properties of Topaz

topaz have a large set of qualities, thanks to which it can be used in healing. One of the main properties is treatment for diseases of the nervous system. Helps normalize metabolism. Lithotherapists recommend it be worn for anorexia and bulimia.

Many lithotherapists are confident that stone topaz will help with eye disease. To do this, you need to look closely into it for at least 10 minutes. This procedure is recommended to be repeated daily.

Golden topaz will help with fractures. Thanks to its effects, the bones will be faster. Helps heal cuts. Blue crystal is recommended for people who have survived a stroke. Another mineral will help to cope with headaches.

Strengthening immunity — the therapeutic properties of transparent topaz. Also the mineral will help to cope with the cold. Brown, red and pink crystals effectively help fight mental illness.

It is necessary to understand that topaz is not able to cure its owner on its own. It just boosts the effect of treatment.

Magical properties of topaz

In a long time, it was thought that the mineral has a large set of qualities through which a person can become successful.

  1. The mineral protects against smooths, competitors, enviers and impure power. With it you can find in your surroundings hypocrites and manipulators. Recommends wear to diplomats and entrepreneurs.
  2. Topaz is attracted to his owner’s life by well-being. It is possible to cope with financial difficulties. But the mineral will refuse to help if one lives only for money.
  3. The

  4. mineral will help to find a soul mate or strengthen existing relationships.
  5. With the help of the mineral, it is possible to harden the character, acquire the inner rod. But to do so, a person must achieve full understanding with a stone.

Magic properties can only be used if topaz is natural. Fakes won’t help improve lives.

Who fits topaz

According to astrologers, crystal is best worn by Scorpions. But there is an important nuance. All the properties of the stone can be used only by the person who was born in November. Thanks to topaz, such people will be able to set a goal. They will stop throwing themselves to extremes.

The yellow mineral astrologers recommend wearing to Gemini, Virgo and Lions. Crayfish are suitable for crystals of greenish hue. Red Gem is recommended to purchase Capricorns and Ovnam.

It is

necessary to refuse the purchase of mineral Aquarius and Taurus.

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