Stone Rodonite: magical and healing properties

Rodonite cannot be called a simple decoration. He is able to become a powerful guardian for his owner. According to lithotherapists, self-color can heal from a wide variety of diseases.

Rodonite is a rare mineral. There are stones of a variety of colors. Most often come with pink gems. Rarer are yellow, brown and grey stones. You can also find a crystal with black colors.

The stone was first discovered in the territory of the Urals. At the present stage, it is mined in Madagascar and in Australia.

The magical properties of rhodonite

Stone in many years was often used in magical practices. It is able to affect not only the physical shell, but also the soul. It is ideal for creative naturas, because it is able to reveal talent.

In old times, Rodonite was used as a love stone. It was believed that the mineral was able to attract the attention of members of the opposite sex, to awaken sympathy. But it is worth noting immediately that the mascot is absolutely harmless. He’s not capable of nagging.

Rodonite has the following magical properties.

  1. With the help of the mineral you can get rid of excitement, shyness.
  2. The stone helps to overcome the fear of failure.
  3. Gem brings inspiration, helps to gain purpose in life.
  4. Cleansing the mind of debris is another useful magical property of rhodonite.
  5. With the help of stone you can find a way out of even the most difficult situation
  6. Rodonite attracts luck into his owner’s life.
  7. Thanks to the stone you can become more energetic and bold.
  8. With the help of the mineral it will be possible to cope with apathy.

It is necessary to understand that all the above properties have only real rhodonite. There will be no benefit from counterfeiting.


healing properties of Rodonite

Stone can be used not only in magic. According to lithotherapists, it is possible to cope with some diseases.

  1. The stone will help calm nerves. Wear it is recommended to people who have exuberant temper. Massage can be done with the help of rhodonite balls.
  2. In longstanding years, rhodonite decorations were worn by pregnant women. According to legends, thanks to the stone the delivery will be successful, and the baby will be fully healthy.
  3. Women who want to become pregnant but cannot are advised to wear a rhodonite bracelet.
  4. The stone is able to strengthen vision.
  5. Rhodonite beads will help cure the thyroid gland.
  6. The stone will help strengthen immunity.

Who fits Rodonite

Astrologers believe that the mineral can be worn by almost everything. Able to be the perfect assistant for Libra and Gemini. Thanks to the stone, representatives of these zodiacal signs will be able to become more confident and active. Rodonite will strengthen their memory and help uncover talents.

It is not recommended to purchase the mineral Sagittarius and Ovnam. Otherwise, the health of representatives of these zodiacal signs will deteriorate. They will become more irritable.

Other signs of the zodiac rhodonite are allowed to wear. But all the properties of this unique mineral they will not be able to take advantage. To achieve visible effect, you will need to meditate daily on self-color.

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