Stone opal: magical and medicinal properties

In ancient Greece, the opal was thought to symbolize Zeus’ victory over the Titans. God burst into tears with happiness, and his tears turned into stones of extraordinary beauty. There were legends that thanks to the mineral it was possible to become a predictor.


gods were associated with the stone and the people of Australia. They believed that the mineral appeared where the Creator of the World passed. In Arab legends, opals were considered children of lightning. Stone could protect from thunderstorms and bad weather.


therapeutic properties of opal

Lithotherapists believe that the main advantage of stone is the ability to regulate emotionality, protect against nervous breakdowns. The mineral has the following therapeutic properties.

  1. Helps to gain harmony, calms its owner.
  2. Able to extinguish passions and protect man from unnecessary conflicts.
  3. Helps to deal with depression and excessive anxiety.
  4. Improving communication skills is another useful property of opal.
  5. Clears consciousness.
  6. Helps to combat flaws such as fear and anger.
  7. With the help of a mineral, you can get rid of negative thinking.
  8. Improves sleep. The owner of the opal will not have nightmares.
  9. Strengthens vision.
  10. Helps deal with headache.
  11. Protects against cold diseases and infections.

But only those people whose thoughts are pure will be able to take advantage of the therapeutic properties of opal. Excessively aggressive and envious individuals the stone will not benefit.

The magic properties of Opal

Opal are distinguished by powerful energy. Therefore, it has a large set of magical properties. Perfect for those people who live in a wild rhythm. The stone will help them cope with fatigue.

But people who prefer a measured lifestyle, opal is not suitable. Over time, he’ll hurt them. Stone is incapable of meeting such owners. He will overwhelm them with his energy.

Not going to help crystal and faintly characteristic people. Because of the stone they will become imaginary and irritable.


mineral’s magical properties depend on its color.

  1. Black opal increases concentration. Suitable for people with analytical mind. Adventurers should refuse such a mineral.
  2. The white stone symbolizes virtue. Makes its owner more patient.
  3. The blue mineral attracts luck into its owner’s life. Thanks to the self-color, it will be possible to direct all energy towards achieving the goal.
  4. Dark purple opal will help reveal the gift of clairvoyance.
  5. A firestone man will make more confident. Women will become more wise and charming thanks to the stone.
  6. Pink gems will help to find peace. He will protect his owner from stress. Will help attract the attention of members of the opposite sex.

To whom the opal fits

according to astrologers, the stone is perfect for the Lights. Thanks to the stone, they will be able to achieve balance and stability in all spheres of life. The mineral will help them unlock talent and make progress in creativity.

Suitable for crystal Capricorns. With the help of stone, they will cope with their insecurities, get rid of fears. The mineral will protect its owner from stress and soften such traits as stubbornness and insolence.

Gemini and Aquarius will not be able to take advantage of all the mineral properties. It will not harm them, so it is possible to wear the stone as decoration. Fire signs of the zodiac from buying opal better refuse.

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