Stone obsidian: magical and medicinal properties

When exactly the stone was discovered is authentically unknown. It was used in ancient years to build weapons. Subsequently, the interiors of houses, palaces and tombs began to decorate. He got to Europe thanks to a warrior named Obsidius.

Obsidian’s popularity began to grow thanks to the famous FabergĂ© House. From the mineral, jewelers managed to make unique jewelry. At the first time the stone could be found only in rich people, because it cost quite expensive. But then interest in him began to disappear. At the present stage, the mineral can be bought by anyone.

Treatment properties of obsidian

According to lithotherapists, the most effective stone helps fight gout, as well as intimate diseases. In ancient years the mineral was applied to the groin area. It was believed that sexual chakras were revealed through this action.

Obsidian has the following therapeutic properties.

  1. It is possible to treat diseases associated with the gastric tract.
  2. It’s worth using stone to treat nervous disorders.
  3. Strengthens the self-color bone system.
  4. The mineral will help if there are pressure problems. Obsidian is able to both enhance it and reduce it.
  5. The crystal helps to remove the slags from the body.
  6. With the help of the mineral, man is able to become more active.
  7. Strengthens the stone immunity.
  8. It helps if there is rheumatism or arthritis.
  9. Restores skin cover after wounds or injuries.

Magical properties of obsidian

In a long time ago stone was actively used in mystical practices. There were legends about the amazing power of the mineral. According to some stories, obsidian was used in religious ceremonies.

  1. Obsidian is able to realize even the innermost desires of his owner. Suitable for people who dream of change but can’t take the first step. People who are doing well in life should not wear a stone.
  2. With the help of stone, you can overcome any obstacles.
  3. Obsidian increases concentration.
  4. With the help of stone, you can get rid of negative thinking.
  5. The

  6. mineral will protect against smooths, help avoid getting into trouble.
  7. The gemcolor is able to clear the head of debris. Therefore, wearing it is necessary during meditative practices.
  8. There are legends that with the help of a crystal you can see the future.

Not everyone can take advantage of the magical properties of obsidian. First, a stone won’t help those who do nothing. Second, only natural minerals have magical properties.

Who fits obsidian

Astrologers consider the stone unique. Almost everyone can wear it. Women Lions will become more charming and attractive thanks to the stone. Sagittarians will find harmony and calm down. Ovnam obsidian will help in self-development. He will reveal their talents.

Obsidian Capricorns is thought to be ideal. Thanks to the stone they will be able to get rid of insecurities. The mineral will attract luck to their lives.

It is not recommended to purchase stone Devas and Rakas. The stone will suppress representatives of these signs with its energy. Scales and Fish mineral is suitable only as decoration. Obsidian properties they will not be able to take advantage of.

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