Stone jasper: magical and medicinal properties

Mentions of jasper can be found in the Bible. It is known that she was used to create the High Priest’s bib.

Yashma is a semi-precious stone. It has a large set of magical and therapeutic properties. At the present stage there are stones of a variety of colors. Therefore, absolutely every person will be able to choose a crystal for themselves.

The mineral was not immediately given its name. He had several names. They called the gems jaspis, tiger stone, basanite, speckled, Swiss lapis. The name mineral was derived depending on color or shape.


therapeutic properties of the jasper

According to lithotherapists, the stone is necessary to keep the physical condition normal. Thanks to the mineral, it is possible to strengthen immunity and extend life. Stones on which names were carved were carried in ancient Rome. People believed that in this way they protect themselves from evil forces, spoilage and glance.


mineral has a beneficial effect on memory. Will help reduce cases of epilepsy. Lithotherapists believe the crystal will get rid of fever when getting sick.

Normalization of sleep is another therapeutic property of jasper. Thanks to the mineral, you can get rid of excessive anxiety and a variety of mental deviations. If nightmares are tormented, it is enough to put a crystal under the pillow.


mineral has the following properties.

  1. Stone jasper will help reduce pain. The headaches will cease to be severely tormented if you clamp a mineral in your fist.
  2. Crystal helps restore vision. To do this, it is necessary to regularly wear the decoration, which has jasper.
  3. The red gems will help normalize the heart.
  4. The jasper stone has a positive effect on circulation. There is a view that the mineral will help stop even heavy bleeding.
  5. A green stone helps if there are stomach or digestion problems.
  6. The yellow stone protects its owner from spoilage. Such a crystal is best worn around the neck.

It is necessary to understand that only natural jasper has therapeutic properties. Counterfeiting won’t do any good.

The magical properties of Mineral jasper

can be used not only for medicinal purposes. The stone has a large set of magical qualities. Basically, the self-color was used in the role of the guard. It was believed that jasper would protect against evil forces and bring good fortune into its owner’s life. Therefore, the mineral can often be found in temples. It is used as flooring.

Yashma has the following magical properties.

  1. Helps get rid of negative thoughts.
  2. Protects against setbacks and problems along the path of life.
  3. There are legends that the mineral will help rid itself of infertility. For this purpose the stone must be put under the pillow.
  4. A person who has jewelry with jasper is not attacked by animals.
  5. Stone will help to establish relationships with work colleagues and superiors.
  6. With the help of the mineral you can get rid of depression and chronic fatigue.
  7. Raw stone helps protect yourself from envy.

There are magical properties in jasper that depend on color.

  1. Green mineral attracts good luck, helps to cope with competitors and boosts intelligence. The owner of such an amulet will never face financial difficulties.
  2. Blue mineral is often used in magical practices.
  3. Red jasper will help to find inner peace. With the help of a mineral, one can find a soulmate or restore a relationship.
  4. White jasper will help deal with bad thoughts.
  5. Bloody jasper helps concentrate. Thanks to the stone, intelligence is enhanced. Such a mineral is desirable to be worn on the hand as a bracelet.
  6. Black jasper can keep its wearer safe from negativity.

Who does jasper fit? You can carry the mineral almost everything. But perfect for the Virgo. Thanks to the stone, they will gain confidence and luck. Men better get green gems, women — red. Fish should purchase black jasper. Thanks to this stone, they will become more persistent and assertive.

But Ovnam and Gemini should refuse to buy the mineral. There will be no use of self-color to representatives of these signs.

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