Stone jade: magical and medicinal properties

Its official name stone jade received only in 1863. Translated from Greek — “kidney”. Got this name thanks to appearance. Found mineral was a long time ago. But in different years it was called differently. It was known as jad, Chinese stone, Maori, Mayi mineral.

A few facts about jade.

  1. In China, stone is a national symbol. It is used as decoration. Symbolizes power, well-being and order. He was believed to have helped the emperor make correct decisions.
  2. Jade and Māori tribes are revered. Stone is used when creating tombstones and statues of ancient heroes.
  3. The

  4. Mayan tribes were sure that their owner gave self-color excellent health. It was used in creating figurines and images.


healing properties of Jade

Stone is always warm. This is an amazing trait that will help determine if you are caught or a real mineral. In ancient times stone was often used in healing.

  1. With the help of a crystal made a compress. It was believed that in this way it was possible to get rid of kidney and stomach problems.
  2. Gem color will help if there are pressure issues.
  3. Stone jade is able to normalize lung and heart work. Lithotherapists believe that the mineral has beneficial effects on the health of its owner.
  4. Improving vision and hearing is another therapeutic property of jade.
  5. Positively affects the condition of the hair.
  6. Will help to cope with the crystal headaches.
  7. Gem color helps to cope with stress.
  8. With the help of jade, chronic fatigue can be overcome.
  9. In old times, the stone was used by men if there were problems in the intimate area.

It is necessary to understand that the stone cannot be cured on its own. It just improves the effect of treatment. In addition, only real jade has therapeutic properties. Fakes won’t do any good.

The magical properties of Jade

  1. Stone is able to indicate the fallacy of the decision made. If the wrong choice was made, the mineral would lose its brightness.
  2. The Chinese believed that white jade helped deal with anger. With it, you can become more calm and cold-blooded.
  3. The Indians believed that the owner of the stone had a direct connection to the gods.
  4. Green jade protects its owner from damage and eyes.
  5. Stone is able to attract good fortune into a person’s life.
  6. Amulets and amulets amplification is another magical property of jade.

Who does jade fit? Astrologers believe that the stone can be worn by virtually everything. But it is perfect for Virgo, Aquarius and Fish. But the Taurus from buying the mineral is better to refuse. He’s only going to hurt them. Neatly handle the self-color need Lights. Representatives of this sign are not advised to wear the stone permanently.

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