Stone chalcedon: magical and medicinal properties

Due to which the stone chalcedon got its name, is authentically unknown. There are several versions. One states that the mineral was named after a town from Asia Minor. The second version says that its name was given thanks to the city of Halkidon. It was here that the stone was first found.


mineral is a type of quartz. The “chalcedonian family” includes gems such as carnelian, agate, sapphyrin, pink carnelian. Blue chalcedon is the most popular.

The richest deposits are in the territories of countries such as Uruguay, India and Brazil. Mining mineral in Russia as well.

Therapeutic properties of chalcedon

There are a huge number of varieties of mineral. And each individual stone has its own properties that help with healing. Chalcedone is able to soothe. With it, you can cope with depression and normalize sleep.

Carnelian helps cope with cold diseases and negative thoughts. It’s worth using when tormented by toothache. Carnelian also helps improve skin cover and stop bleeding. The same therapeutic properties have another type of chalcedon — sardere.


healing properties of Onyx stones

  1. take care of the state of internal organs.
  2. Chrysoprasis helps to cope with weather dependence and cold.
  3. Using sapphirin, it is possible to raise blood pressure and normalize cardiac activity.
  4. Agate helps to cope with coughs and toothaches.

The magical properties of chalcedon

There are legends that state that the stone will help to return home from a long journey without loss. He is able to bring good fortune into his owner’s life. Therefore, in a long time ago the mineral was taken with them in swimming by sailors.

Properties of chalcedony.

  1. Beads made of mineral were worn in antiquity by women. Thanks to this decoration, they tried to attract love and attention into their lives. This is why the mineral was called the “love stone”.
  2. Gem color helps deal with depression. With it you can get rid of longing.
  3. Red chalcedon shares energy with its owner. It should be acquired by active people who are constantly on the move.
  4. Orange mineral helps uncover talents. It should be acquired by creative people.
  5. Blue stone calms the nervous system. It is recommended to buy people who constantly fight and scandal.
  6. Strengthening willpower is the magical property of magenta chalcedon.
  7. The green stone makes its owner more patient.
  8. The purple mineral is used in mystical practices.
  9. The

  10. untreated gemcolor is a wonderful behest. He will attract happiness and mutual love into his owner’s life.

The magical properties of chalcedon can be used only by light people with a pure soul. For self-serving purposes, the stone will not help.

Who does chalcedon fit?

Every person can take advantage of the properties of this mineral. Perfect for Sagittarians. Thanks to the mineral, they will be able to cope with competitors and subdue their character. It is best to acquire the mineral of gray, blue, crimson and magenta shades.

Gemini and Raki can take advantage of the properties of chalcedon. Representatives of these signs will become more energetic, bold and eloquent thanks to the stone.

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