Stone celestin: properties and spheres of use

Other names of the mineral are celestel or celestite. The mineral was first found in the 18th century in Sicily. In Madagascar, formations of sky blue hue are found, in Austria – transparent. Turkmen finds possess a red-brown color. Celestin is often planted on the seabed. Usually the stone forms beautiful large crystals reaching 10 kg. In ultraviolet light, they fluoresce.

Areas of use

From dolomite, barite or calcite stone are distinguished by mass, shape of crystals and color. When heated under an open flame, real celestin blushes. Celestel is easy to damage, so accessories from it are stored separately from other products.

For cleansing, take a soft wet cloth. You can’t use any chemical means, much less aggressive. The mineral fades rapidly and under the rays of the sun, losing its features.

In industry, the gemcolor is used to produce strontium, which is part of the formation. It is used for the manufacture of pyrotechnics, to give hardness to aluminum and copper, as an anti-corrosion coating for zinc and aircraft alloys.

Also found celestin applications in the sugar, glass, ceramic and pharmaceutical industries. Handling stone is very difficult. Therefore, only piece products are made from it.


healing and magical properties


Celestitis positively affects the work of the nervous system, contributing to alternation periods of activity of mental activity and its passivity. It helps normalize pressure, blood supply, contributes to the improvement of the condition in rheumatism. Found the use of mineral in the treatment of eye diseases as a means of restoring vision.

Gem is endowed with magical powers. It is believed that it helps to get rid of promiscuity and confinement, helps to unlock potential.

Celestel enhances female charm. He also makes stronger men both in the intimate sphere and in the business sphere.

Who fits Celestin

Mineral eases mental anguish, serves as a mascot when parting with your loved ones and helps in other interpersonal problems.

  • Celestin eliminates excess emotional excitability, giving the possibility of unmistakable decision-making of important decisions.
  • Owners the stone endows the gift of eloquence. Like the amulet goelestitis is worn daily so as not to be afraid to perform in public.
  • Self-color promotes the realization of talents, helps self-knowledge. Great as an amulet to people of creative professions.

Exceptionally favorably influences the stone on Gemini. About its effect on other signs astrologers are glossing over. The mascot is equally effective regardless of size and variety. It is perfect for people confident and determined, determined.

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