Stone carnelian: magical and healing properties

Carnelian is a stone of volcanic origin. It is included in the “chalcedone family”. It was not immediately given its name. He was called carneol, linkurium, and sardère. Due to its soft color, it was named “July stone”.

Carnelian is one of the most ancient minerals. It was found on excavations of ancient people. 40 thousand years is the approximate age of the most ancient crystal.

The magical and healing properties of carnelian have always been popular. It was worn by rich and influential people. The mineral adorned the bib of the Jewish patriarch. According to legends, the stone was worn by the prophet Muhammad. In ancient Egypt, stone was associated with the goddess Isis. The Egyptians of the carnelian made fibulas.

Over time, the stone lost its value. To use it steel mainly to create a variety of decorative elements.


healing properties of carnelian

Lithotherapists believe that the stone has a positive effect on the health of its owner. Fiery and brightly red minerals were used in ancient years to heal wounds and fractures. With the help of the crystal, heat was removed and inflammation was reduced.

Use carnelian in folk medicine and at the present stage. It has the following properties:

  1. it helps to cope with urticaria, atopic dermatitis and furunculosis;
  2. it helps to get rid of headaches;
  3. helps to cope with gastritis, stomach ulcer and food poisoning;
  4. removes kidney stones;
  5. helps to cope with depression and neurosis.


therapeutic properties of carnelian have found applications in some medical procedures. Thanks to the mineral, it is possible to strengthen the nervous and immune systems.

At the present stage, scientists have not yet fully figured out how carnelian affects the human body. But they continue to study the stone.

Magical properties of carnelian


mineral is used not only for medicinal purposes, but also in mystical practices. He believes that the crystal of red color helps to find a soul mate and strengthen existing relationships. Responsible mineral for the intimate sphere. The more saturated the stone, the stronger it is.

Yellow carnelian is recommended to be worn by entrepreneurs. Thanks to the stone it is possible to cope with financial difficulties. Will help self-color and creative people. Thanks to the mineral, they will become more confident in themselves and their own capabilities. In old times, the stone was worn by merchants. It was thought that due to the mineral they were becoming more successful.

The owner of a dark yellow stone will become more communicable, brave. Psychological resilience will increase. But buying the mineral must be treated responsibly. There should be no dark inverts. Otherwise, the crystal will harm its owner.

It should be understood that, having bought stone carnelian, a person will not protect himself from extraordinary incidents. The mineral simply increases the energy of its owner, protects against spoilage and smooths.

Who does carnelian fit? According to astrologers, the mineral is allowed to be worn by all but Scorpions. The stone will be perfect for the Taurus, Virgins and Gemini. Representatives of these signs can take advantage of all the properties of the mineral.

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