Stone amber: magical and medicinal properties

Stone amber was found a very long time ago. Valued it mainly for its beauty and amazing appearance. But also therapeutic, magical properties regularly used. The first described mineral was as early as the 10th century BC The most ancient mineral is in a museum in London.

In years ago, amber was used differently.

  1. In the territory of ancient Egypt stone was used when creating smokers. Self color was often used in mystical practices.
  2. In ancient Greece, the mineral was called electre (shining). People believed it could be possible to win any battle with it. So the men took the stone with them to war.
  3. In Rome, only rich people could acquire the mineral. Amber emphasized their high status.

Treatment properties of amber

According to lithotherapists, with the help of stone it is possible to cope with almost any disease. Therefore, the mineral is actively used in folk medicine. It has the following properties.

  1. Helps accelerate metabolism and purify the body. Therefore, the stone is recommended to be worn by people who follow their figure. In this case, amber should be worn as a bracelet.
  2. Will help the stone to get rid of the pernicious habit of avid smokers.
  3. Amber tincture will help to cope with cold diseases and pulmonary problems.
  4. Not only stone can be treated, but smoke that is formed when the mineral burns. It will be possible to cope with coughing and asthma.

The magical properties of amber

Mineral is not used in the rites of black magic. But still it has quite a large number of magical properties. Only a person with clean thoughts and positive energy is able to take advantage of them.

  1. Residents of eastern countries are confident that the stone makes the man stronger and more passionate.
  2. It is believed that the mineral may guard housing against evil spirits, spoilage and jinxes. To do this, the stone must be hidden in the door jamb.
  3. Smoke formed in the process of burning amber is able to attract happiness and luck into the life of its owner.
  4. The stone used to be worn by pregnant women. It was believed that due to the mineral delivery will pass without complications, and the baby will be strong and healthy.

The stone is able to charge with the vivacity and energy of its owner.

  1. Many of the magical properties of amber depend on its color.
  2. The white mineral is the most valuable. It is possible to avoid material problems. Saves its owner from conflicts and protects against damage.
  3. Yellow self-color helps to cope with negative energy.
  4. Cherry stone will bring luck to entrepreneurs. It is recommended to acquire company owners and financiers.

Whom fits amber

Wear the mineral can not be all. Astrologers believe that the stone is perfect for Sagittarians, Lions and Ovnam. Representatives of these signs will be able to use all properties of self-color without exception.

Calves amber won’t help at all. But no harm either. The stone can only be used as decoration. Other signs can wear the mineral too. But at the same time it will not be useful especially.

But it should be understood that such division according to zodiacal signs is quite conditional. Amber usually selects its own owner.

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