Spinel: appearance and properties of the stone

In nature, spinel is infrequent. One of the most valuable materials for jewellers makes a variety of shades and amazing radiance. The spinelide family is formed by rock from magnesium oxide and aluminium ions.


The name of the gemcolor gave the Latin word “spina”, that is, “spiny” or “spike”. The name of the stone received for the shape of crystals. The first unusual bright mineral as a jewelry material was mentioned during the journey to Palmyra by Marco Polo.

Natural crystals distinguish the correctness of shape. These are usually dodecahedrons or octahedra. There is a spinel of orange, pink, green and black tones. The colour is conditioned by impurities. Rarest include stones of red, orange and neon-blue colors.

In addition to dividing by colors, the mineral is defined in groups of ordinary, noble, as well as zinc crystals. Noble is distinguished by almost complete transparency, lack of extraneous inclusions. The group includes a saturated red ruby spinel.


Orange-red crystals are called rubicelles. The brittle gemcolor of red and pink shades is “rubin-balae”. Purple minerals are oriental amethysts, and blue ones are referred to as sapphire spinel. Instances of green, blue shades, as well as colored reverses belong to the group.

Common include Ceylonite, pleonast. The stones are brown, greenish or black in color. The rarest specimens possess a greenish-black color.

Zinc spinel or ganite crystals contain impurities not iron and zinc, not magnesium. Blue specimens can cast in a magenta hue. The limp spinel, picotite, is distinguished by a rich and thick black color. Intermediate include gano and chlorospinel.


differ in self-color magical properties. It is valued for:


  • ability to attract love and protect the family from adversity, so will become a mascot for those who dream of family happiness;
  • the

  • attraction of luck: the amulet increases confidence, provides support for loved ones;
  • disclosure of creative potential: decorations are especially shown to people in public, as they enhance communication and oratory abilities;
  • ability in travel to protect against dangers, endurance and lead to people giving shelter to queers or pointing the way;
  • protection from negativity.

Headbands are recommended to musicians and artists, and necklaced pendants are mascots of singers. So that the stone does not change energy from positive to negative, esotericists advise not to wear jewelry permanently. The best amulets are decorated in gold.


mineral is contraindicated to Cancer, as it is able to enhance the imaginary and nervousness of the sign carrier. The rest of the Zodiac signs can wear jewelry with spinel without fear, but the ideal mascot for Lions.


From synthetic analogue natural mineral distinguishes the presence of defects in the form of divorces and incantations, certificate quality and considerable cost.

Accessories are advisable to protect them from touching other decorations:

  • It is necessary to store the spinel from household chemicals and mechanical effects.
  • Before performing works capable of causing destruction of the integrity of the stone, decorations are removed.
  • Clean the crystal weekly with a soft toothbrush and warm soap solution. Wipe with a soft napkin without lint.

At least a couple of times a week the gemcolor should “rest”.

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