Song for all time: the creation story of “Besame mucho”

Mexican Consuelo Velázquez retired in January 2005. The eternal artwork provided her with the opportunity to travel around the world, however always the supersong creator returned from trips home, to the quiet suburb of Mexico City.

Birth of hit

Adorable Girl created the legendary piece shortly after graduating from a Catholic convent school. Consuelo’s leisure time was occupied by music classes. For a romantic date, even a minute she had. According to the author, the words and melody were born in her soul by themselves.

Consuelo played piano from the age of 4. The talented girl studied at music school, and gave lessons herself, dreaming of a successful career as a pianist. Writing in 1940 the future megahit was inspired by Consuelo’s aria of their opera “Goyeski” by Granados.

In the girl’s head during creative work created the image of the perfect man, outwardly strikingly similar to actor Gregory Peca. This is what the young writer of her choice represented. The girl was afraid to publish her first essay, as she considered the work too bold.

Love tune

Anonymous the author sent his work to radio contest young talents. The work was declared the winner and Consuelo was invited to present the award. The timid girl instead asked to receive the award to the girlfriend. That’s what she revealed to everyone the authorship of Velasquez. The prize to the girl was presented by representatives of the editorial staff who arrived at her home, including Mariano Rivera, the future wife of a celebrity.

As music editor he helped unwind the song. In the beginning, there were only friendly feelings between the young men, but then Mariano made an offer of Consuelo’s hand and heart. Two sons who became famous artists grew up in their family.


Famous “Besame mucho” brought a rendition of the song by Jimmy Dorsey. For 3 months, the single led hit parades in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the United States. After the essay sounded off the screen, 

Velasquez received an invitation to Hollywood. Walt Disney planned to use the piece as a soundtrack. However, the maître appearance Velázquez made a huge impression, and the girl was offered the lead role in the film with Gregory Peck, already recognized as an idol of the generation. The film star’s career did not preflate the Mexican, who returned soon to her homeland.

A song in the Cuban bolero genre in 1944 headlined the first hit parade of the United States and continues to be super-popular these days. “Besame Mucho” was released on a variety of media, record runs measured in the hundreds of millions.

Megahit was performed by famous musicians. In the Soviet Union, the history of popularity began in 1956 with the recording of the composition of the trio “Los Panchos”. One of the longest-lived and most popular single has been translated into all languages of the world. The number of its performers and variations exceeded 700.

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