Snow or sugar quartz: description, curative and magical properties of the stone

From mineral jewelers make beautiful jewelry and amulets. In strength the stone is second only to diamonds and topazas. He is not afraid of acid, dissolving only in the melting.

Areas of application

Snow variety of quartz is used in clockwork, glass and optical industries. The mineral is used for cladding, for the manufacture of interior items. Flowerbeds decorate crumb in the rays of the sun. There are other areas of use:

  • for the manufacture of shells;
  • in the construction of highways;
  • for telephone equipment;
  • in medicine.

The ability to maintain heat for a long time provided the stone with a reputation as a quality filler for baths and saunas.

In processed form, beads are most often made of gemcolor. Inside each ball, it’s like a little bit of snow. Usually the jeweler prefer to correct the jewel into silver. But white gold also combines harmoniously with the mineral. Real stone from counterfeits is easy to distinguish: it does not heat up in hands for a very long time.

Therapeutic properties

Endowed with sugar quartz useful and magical properties. It is recognized that the mineral endows the possessor with the ability to heal quickly, relieving the negative. In lithotherapy crystals are used for:

  • treatment of burns and wounds (concern affected areas);
  • strengthening immunity;
  • getting rid of headaches;
  • treatment of mental disorders and diseases of the nervous system;
  • rejuvenating procedures;
  • treatment of eye diseases.

Snow quartz neutralizes fatigue and relieves depression. To achieve the effect of rejuvenation, the stone is put in water to then wash.

The magical properties


Esoterica assure that with the help of a mineral you can read thoughts if you look through a stone at a person.

  • Heart-shaped crystals contribute to the attainment of love.
  • Amulets help you find real friends.
  • As a mascot, sugar quartz adds self-confidence, reveals talents, improves performance.
  • A

  • milkstone figurine in the house cleans the room of negative energy.

Small crosses made of crystal on beads or scars protect against dark forces.


Astrologers are confident that the mineral fits only three signs of the Zodiac. With the help of the mascot, representatives of Libra can make the right decision at a difficult moment. The mineral perfectly absorbs the excess energy of Scorpion, will protect the owner from rash actions and too turbulent reaction.

Aquariev mascot will endow great determination and stability, add confidence.

The effect will enhance the constant wearing of the mascot. The impact on the rest of the signs is virtually zero. Contraindicated sugar crystal to Gemini and Devas.

The strongest are considered amulets encased in silver. Favorably affects the carrier the combination of snow quartz with pink, corundum or topaz.

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