Slavonic guardian Lunnitsa: who is suitable, how to wear, what properties possess

Obereg Lunnitsa was used by many ancient peoples, not just Slavs. He could vary in form, but always personified a feminine beginning. The lunar amulet was popular with Egyptians and Eastern peoples.


Russia the amulet of Lunnitsa was associated with the goddess Makoshya. She was responsible for the fate of the man, the harvest and the preservation of the family hearth.

In old times, the amulet was worn mostly as a suspension. However, often embroidered the appropriate patterns on women’s dresses

of Variety amulet

Most often archaeologists came across 3 kinds of Lunnitsa. The most familiar variant is the crescent moon, whose horns are pointed downward.

During excavations were found narrow two-horned amulets, wide two-horned and three-horned oberegs. In Russia, Lunnitsa was popular, supplemented by a cross.

Whom fits Lunnitsa Lunar

amulet symbolizes fertility. And wearing it is recommended for women. With the help of the security, they will be able to create a comfortable environment at home and strengthen relations.

Lunnitsa has the following positive qualities:

  1. helps to achieve harmony between female and male beginnings;
  2. soothes;
  3. helps to cope with negative reactions to events occurring around;
  4. amulet helps to increase intuition;
  5. protection protects against eye and spoilage;
  6. helps to make life more comfortable.

Special values of female welfare

  1. Strengthens physical health, increases immunity, helps to cope with cold diseases. Strong health for the woman is necessary for the safe removal of the child. The bearer was customary to wear from a young age. People believed that the amulet protected its owner from disease and deviation.
  2. It is believed that the Slavic caretaker Lunnitsa helps choose a good father for the child. It boosts intuition, teaches you how to understand people. The amulet even on members of the strong sex is able to influence. Thanks to its impact, the hesitant man will find in himself the courage to propose a hand and heart.
  3. Thanks to the amulet, a woman can become more attractive. Men will begin to pay attention to her. Not only the appearance, but also the internal qualities will improve. At the expense of the amulet, qualities such as sensuality and sexuality develop.

How to wear an amulet

Normally bearer Lunnitsa is customary to wear in the form of decoration. You can always find suspension or earrings made in the shape of a lunar amulet. The ideal option is silver product.

In order to start working, it is necessary to carry out after purchase a rite of cleansing. It must then be activated.

You can

wear a moon amulet to all women. Age does not play any value at all. But the choice should take into account the scope of activity. If a woman at work is forced to often exhibit “masculine” character traits, it is better to refuse to purchase an amulet.


properties of the guard cannot be used if there is a desire to harm someone. In such a situation, the amulet will ruin the life of its owner.

A tattoo in the form of a lunar amulet

can be tattooed on the body in the form of Lunnitsa. But it is necessary to consciously approach the choice of place for such decoration.

  1. Drawing on the shoulder will help reveal the skill of clairvoyance.
  2. Lunnitsa’s tattoo on the hip will enhance sexuality. Thanks to this, a woman will be able to attract any man
  3. Safeguarding on the wrist will help strengthen the relationship with the second half, keep the family alive.

If the tattoo is done by a woman, then the magic properties of the behest will become more powerful.

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