Show band Dr VATSON: A Creation Story

The idea of creating a theatrical ensemble performing songs in retro style is proposed by Georgi Mamikonov with Viktor Kamashev. Timur Mironov with Viktor Groshev later joined the team.


In the TV program “Morning Mail” in the summer of 1986, the composition “Dr. Watson” was performed for the first time, opening the score of the hits of the new collective. “Surprise” was admitted to the regional Metropolitan Philharmonic. Together with the most popular artists, the quartet toured the country.


ensemble recorded its first medley of “Beauty Queen” in early spring 1988. From that time, the genre evolved into the band’s calling card. Participants performed incendiary slackers from the “gold fund” of the Soviet variety 40-70s.

In 1988, the show quartet went to the festival in Białystok, changing its name. “Dr. Watson”, after becoming the winner of the competition, began counting down his own achievements.


disc-giant show band introduced in the early nineties on two records. One made 9 new medley, the second included 16 famous songs from motion pictures. Each envelope was accompanied by lyrics of all compositions. In this form, listeners received their first karaoke.

The “know-how” of the popular ensemble were the original arrangements that gave new life to the genre medley. Debut CD CD “Good!” came out in 1994. And in the fall, the band introduced Igor Braslavsky, its new soloist and Sopota-92 laureate to fans. In such a line-up, “Dr. Watson” achieved both recognition and high reward.

Annual touring in the United States began from 1995. The show group actively took part in the charity.

The grand festival Retro Theatre “Dr. Watson” was held in 1997. The cast of members of “Retro Stars” proved unprecedented. At the same time, the studio of the pop show band “Retro-Stars” began work.

Creativity continues

In 2001 there was an album on sale with songs of the peoples of the world 1960-70s “Around the World”. The unique prize “Kinovatson” came out of the idea of popularizing songs of previous years.

In 2003, the first ceremony of awarding musicians of domestic cinema was held. The creators of the elegant figurine in the form of a violin key were sculptor Sergei Mikulsky with the artist Alexander Grimm.

The composition of the team members changed. Viktor Shchevrov came to the ensemble in 2005 from the collective of Alla Pugacheva, in 2008 the team was replenished by a new participant, Vladimir Ovcharov.

In the fall of 2006, a variety studio for children “Watson Junior” started working at the production center organized by the collective.

Many contemporary performers in their repertoire currently include songs revived by “Dr. Watson”. The beat-show group became and remains an island of musical culture of the times of the USSR. The creativity of the participants of the ensemble is always in demand.

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