Shimen Badi: biography, creativity, career and personal life

The fragile shy debutante, removed from the Pop Stars” project as not conforming to stage standards, did not count on success. However, the single started the Shimen Badi phenomenon.

Road to Dream


biography of celebrity began in 1982. The child appeared near Paris, in the town of Mélène, in the family of Algerians Mohammed and Sharifa Badi. After the birth of the eldest daughter, the parents had two more children, Deborah and Karim. The family moved to Villeneu-sur-Lo.

The offspring were taught always and everything to keep under control, observe discipline and strive to realize dreams. The qualities built in childhood were the key to the future success of the star. Shimen always loved to sing. Supported and inspired by her sister.

Her favorite subjects were her native and English languages, literature and singing. The rest of the interest of the girl was not caused. Shimen decided to become a singer at 12.


Education the graduate continued in college, at the insistence of parents choosing the faculty of food industry. However, a year later, the girl managed to prove that her vocation was vocals. She became a contestant on “Pop Stars” in 2002. The future star understood he was strongly inferior to the others in the choreography. Badie strenuously engaged in dancing, making incredible progress, but the winner nevertheless failed to become a talented applicant.

Valerie Zeytun, who announced the verdict, offered the outgoing contestant help, as the girl’s voice and her infatuation with singing made a lasting impression on him. Especially for Shimen, Rick Ellison created the ballad “Between Us”. The song premiered in the concert “La Legende des voix” at the Olympia. The singer’s first compilation album was released on March 11, 2003. It included 10 singles and the bonus track “Jezebel”.

The new album “Dis-moi que tu m ‘aimes” fans received in October 2004. The hit was Jean Paul Dre’s composition “Je ne sais pas son nom”, bypassed by sales all singles. The compilation remained among the leaders of hit parades for months.

In February 2005 the girl gave concerts in “Olympia”. They went through with full enschlag. The public applauded the singer standing. The first DVD of the vocalist included the concert itself, and the documentary “Chimene m ‘a dit”, and the video in the performances in “Zenit”. The same year saw the singer’s first tour of the country.

Creativity continues

The compilation “Le miroir”, released at the end of November 2006, included soul, rock, dance music and R&B. The bonus was the composition “Jalousie”, in the creation of music and words to which the singer herself participated. From 2010 to 2015 fans received the albums “Laisse les dire”, “Gospel & Soul” and “Au delà Des Maux”.

Exhausted by the first success, the performer gained confidence that the main thing on the stage is a voice, not a model figure. The singer collects full halls in “Olympia”, performs together with the country’s famous artists and heartily thanks fans for their love.

Shimen Badi, who has an unusually strong character, is incredibly ranima. She confesses that she will not be able to live without singing, but it is it that takes all the time, depriving the vocalist of her private life.

The singer adores soft toys, with her mascot she considers clover-four-leaf. The girl knows by the names of the most dedicated fans and dreams of accepting her for who she is.

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