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The literator is known as an opponent of fanfics by her works. She confessed, she built her worlds for a long time, literally lived in them. That is why it is not going to give anyone the right to dispose of the destiny

Search for a vocation Biography of

a future celebrity began in 1952 in the city of Baltimore. The baby appeared on 11 September. The girl grew up in an ordinary family, attended Parkville High School, where she studied diligently. The graduate decided to receive further education at the evening department of the local university. She entered the chosen university applicant in 1970.

Shy and timid Sharon stood out nothing from fellow students. She worked as Assistant Administrator of the Dean of the Faculty of Social Professions at the School of Vocational Learning at the University of Maryland.

Fantasy helped the girl transform a boring profession. Sharon imagined herself as the real lord of the worlds. However, no contrivances made the occupation a favorite. In 1978 Lee decided to leave her job and start her own business. She opened a Bookcastle shop.

Things went with variable success. However, as a result the inexperienced businesswoman couldn’t stay on a pilaf. The store closed. The future writer had to try a lot of quite unusual classes for her.

The most memorable was, she admitted, the delivery of tractor trailers. She worked as a girl and a reviewer, photographer, editor, and freelance correspondent.


But Sharon was happy to trade at Sunday’s farm local fair cider. She could arrange a private life in 1980. The girl’s choice was Steve Miller. The young men officially became husband and wife.


author’s literary debut was “Ceremony Matter” in “Amazing Stories”, a popular American science fiction magazine. The work was seen in 1980.

The first iconic compositions “Conflict of Honor and “Agent of Change” were published in 1988.

Famous to the author brought the series created jointly with his wife about the universe Liaden. Written in the space opera genre, the saga spans several millennia. Its main characters were representatives of the Korwal clan. Romance and intrigue are adjacent in novels with mystery and magic. There are 22 novels in the series, however the authors plan to continue the cycle.

The first novels did not attract much interest from publishers. According to Sharon’s idea, the couple decided to put the creation on the Internet. There was no response at first. Sharon and Steve felt that the idea had not found its readers. However, a little time has passed and the authors have made sure that the number of fans of their labor is constantly growing.

In the end, the publishers’ opinion was disproved, and the books themselves turned into the network’s bestsellers. The series includes not only novels, but also short stories. The latter played the role of explanations of many omissions in the narrative of monumental works.

The famous series cycle

spans several millennia. The action is set in the distant future. People split into three subgroups. The relationship between the two is far from ideal. The fight is led by the Korval clan and the “Department of the Interior”, a mysterious organization bringing a lot of trouble.

According to the intent of the creators, hundreds of planets turned into colonies of humanity. In the Galaxy, descendants of earthlings and representatives of distant civilizations live and trade nearby. They are friends, fight, fall in love and hate.

The origin story of the universe was told in the books “Crystal Dragon” and “Crystal Soldier”. Continued the narration of “Trade Mystery” and “Balance of Trade”.

In the prequels “The Great Resettlement,” the writer introduces readers to the story of the Corval family. The opposition to the abrogation of biological life of the Ayloquins leads to unification against a common enemy of all other races.


Theo Whiteley Stories” applies to this same world. The main heroine will have to face both the spawns of ancient technologies, and artificial intelligence.

According to the story Theo will survive a lot of adventures, become a wonderful pilot and will be able to solve the most difficult problems.

New series

Equally exciting was the narrative “Lal ser Edret”. Authors managed to combine the world of fantasy and high technology, complementing the actions of heroes with interstellar flights.

The crime syndicate Vornet tries to achieve interaction with the main character, a famous thief. Lal ser Edret does not agree to such cooperation, but such a response completely displeases potential employers.

In the midst of the conflict, a scout girl intervenes, who has fenced off Lala with the news that he is a spaceship captain and a hero of a bortlog dating back hundreds of years. Events complement an artifact capable of influencing events.


her own, Sharon composed two novels in the genre of mysticism, “Shy Gun” and “Hype”. They became the basis of the mini-series “Jen Pierce Mysteries The writer has a website. With it, the author informs fans about upcoming events, the release of new books and the events of his private life. At the same time, they did not tell fans details, limited only to messages related to meetings with fans.

Li’s independent creativity does not intend to interrupt, nor does cooperation. She and Steve are working on creating new books about Liad.

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