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 Kopylov Sergey Ivanovich was born in 1970. Since childhood I dreamed of becoming a director. In 1995 he graduated from the Moscow State University of Culture, acting and directing faculty.


Sergey fully felt all the peculiarities of the vague 90s, when the blossoms blossomed: it was necessary to choose the form of peeping, to savor lowland forms of life. Everyone has gone free swimming. Vicious phenomena of life began to be presented in culture as a colorful phenomenon and sold as a commodity. Sergei’s subtle creative nature could not accept these changes. He still managed to find a balance so as not to slide into outright vulgarity. Now people gradually began to need spiritual, high. The search for Sergei was long and hard. Songs on his poems began to be performed by famous singers:

Song works <img

src= ‘/posts_images/ 322142_5e4507f88c9355e4507f88c970.png ‘>The author’s career began when Boris Moiseev performed a song to Sergei Kopylov’s poems “Teacher for Love”. A teacher in Russian, a teacher in mathematics… And a line writer who was in love with her at school doesn’t name the subject she taught. And it’s not that important. She gave him hope and was a small sail for him. He recalls those bright school moments when he did not feel the ground at times.

The song “Beautiful to Love”, sung by Irina Allegrova, is about a man who loves and hurries to meet someone he loves. It’s not weather in the cold city. He asks the city for a chance to meet, “for a drop of heat.” A man can love nicely, forgive beautifully. From the point of view of the author of the song, it’s not difficult because a person is so sincerely beautiful in acts, how sincerely beautiful his soul is.


song “Winner” is sung by Philip Kirkorov. The situation when love goes away is not uncommon in life. The condition of the loved at this moment is different. Life goes on, and although the heart hurts for a long time, it is to be hoped that happiness will be regained. And a person who struggles with any life setbacks will always be a winner. The truth is not to give up in any situation, and you will be a winner.

Songs for the soul

To compose a song for the heroes of a musical performance, you need to return to childhood and feel the artists subtly. The birth of such songs is a piece of jewelry. Every song has a development. As a child in these tales he sometimes did not find answers, and now he is interested to find these answers. It’s like a miracle, like discovery and gradually come lyrical words. Sometimes a whole plot of a song can grow out of the usual quartistry. He really likes the song of the king brothers. She was long born into arguments with the director. Sergey does not cease to wonder how music can animate his lines. He was wondering how the song would continue to manifest itself in the performance.

Semiflower Flowers Adults

come up with musical performances based on folk and author’s tales of children because they have a lot of mysterious and after reading them the child has a lot of questions. And actors come up with plenty of answers to these “why?” Each of the seven petals is a touch of wonder and mystery. Little viewers meet with wizards, get into a mysterious blossoming garden, contemplate the northern lights, listen to the songs of polar bears, learn about the history of the first polar expedition and even qualify for a knighthood tournament. Poems for the performance are composed by Sergey Kopylov. The play sings the girl Zhenya, the sorceress Faina, polar bears and many other characters.

“ Princess Frog”

S. Kopylov was passionate about the preparation of this performance, participated in the creative process — he composed words for heroes for musical performance.

One king had three unruly sons. One was strong, the other was smart, and the younger one… was beautiful. Marry and get separated — that’s what the father thought. And then began in their kingdom the never-before-seen — all frogs began to catch arrows, bread oven and rugs embroidered. Long trials await the brothers… The dynamical-musical performance captures the small audience. Energy of kindness and wonder was created not only by artists, but also by those who invented the words of songs for heroes. The poems emphasize the character of each of the characters of the musical tale, increase the emotionality of individual episodes. The artists themselves during rehearsals liked to perform vocal numbers on Sergei Kopylov’s words, which set up for the upcoming performance.

A versatile film actor

In motion pictures he performs the roles of heroes of different social positions, different professions.

It could be a lawyer, military or a customer in the market. Or the front man from the communal room, the collector, the guard on duty of the House of receptions or the security guard in the shop. There are movies where he’s a police officer, an investigator, a police officer or a former thug. He can be both a sympathizer, a victim and a suspect. It under the power to play the role of criminal authority and operative. Taxi driver, emergency doctor, imprisoned, firm director, funeral home owner, lawyer — such is the breadth of the range of his playing roles.

Serhiy created Family

from his personal life

while still a student — at 21 years old. It was the early 90’s. They were students at the theatre institute. He’s provincial. She’s a Muscovite. Her family did not accept the student as he could not provide for a wife at the time in the way she wanted. The wife was on her parents’ side. Eventually, an ultimatum was issued and Sergei walked away from his wife. He was sheltered by his sister. He was able to concentrate on his creative goals — he began to write songs. There was a jolt, although the creative life did not develop everything at once and not so quickly.

Sergei owns Spanish colloquial. He has dance opportunities on the basis of the university. He is a lover of cycling and ice skating. Loves to visit the gym and work out at the tournament.

Staying devoted to yourself

Finding yourself and becoming famous is difficult. Not stumbling at a difficult time is even more difficult. Lest the spiritual pivot break, you need huge moral powers and self-belief. Time showed that Sergei confirmed his vocation in cinema, in musical performances and in songwriting.

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