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From the biography of

 Isakov Sergey Mikhailovich was born in Kaliningrad in 1954.

The dream of becoming a pilot did not come true due to a medical condition. He studied at Moscow State University in the art and graphic department. Already in the student years I showed abilities. An aunt played a defining role in his life. She lived in Belgium. After looking at the work of her nephew, she said that he should study further. On the question — why? — said that it is necessary to start a career. That’s how his dream was studying abroad. There was no money for training. But he was lucky — his works surprised Belgium’s minister of culture, and Sergei was given the opportunity to study for free. He soon became the pride of the Academy.


He could live in any capital of Europe. Career was on takeoff. He and his wife lived abroad for five years. But, as Sergey admits, the soul was torn to the homeland. He calls Russia his battery for creativity. In Europe, everything is as if good, but without Russia — the void inside. Sergey Isakov told:

He works only on what is close to him, and says that he never connected his dealing with ideology.

Orthodox sculptures

Creativity of sculptor S. Isakov develops in two directions — secular and religious. Favorite – second. Patriarch Kirill called his works icons in bronze.

In the 90s, a project on installation of a monument to Nicholas the Wonderworker on the perimeter of Russia was considered. The sculptor had a small model of this saint ready. She stood years 20-25 no one needs. Once he had an acquaintance, an art lover, and decided to show it to patriarch Alexia II. Thus began the happy fate of this figurine.

In Kamchatka, hoppy men asked him, showing on a monument to Nicholas the Miracle Worker, about who he was. And Sergey answered that it was a Russian god. How many times in the temples did he watch this icon not push through. And he, as an artist, wanted to help regain faith. Captains of Russian vessels huddle greet the monument. It is difficult to name a sculptor whose work was such an honor. C. Isakov notices how gradually the places where Nikolai – the Wonderworker stands up are transformed. They start living somehow in a human way, they get clean.

C. Isakov insisted that the monument of Andrew the First-born in the shape of an apostle figure with a cross on his shoulder was installed in Bataysk. The monument became a place of pilgrimage.

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was named after these saints. C. Isakov likes to explain the history of the place where the figure is put. He believes that these images themselves were asked to the city. Peter and Paul are especially beautiful in the rays of the setting sun.

One of the creatures of S. Isakov is dedicated to Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia Murom, next to whom an angel. The sculptor chose the moment when they solidify the relationship with an oath. The monument turned out both solemn and fabulous. It is visited by newlyweds Residents managed to come up with signs: it is necessary to touch Fevronya – will add family happiness, to the prince – male strength.

Secular creativity

In Biysk you can see bronze Peter the Great on horseback. This is the image of the winner: the right hand is raised, the gaze strived into the distance. In front of us the warlord, in his prime, and striving for the future.

The collection of works by S. Isakov is also one that is dedicated to… the military truck. “One and a half” is made in life-size. On such cars evacuated people and brought products to the blockaded Leningrad.

A sculpture was created in Rostov in memory of the Chernobyl tragedy. The author managed to convey selfless behavior of people, as he himself took part in liquidation of accident.

“ Alexander Pushkin and Natalia Goncharova” – park sculpture. The great poet talks to his wife sitting on a bench. Interestingly, anyone can crouch next to famous people.

The monument to A.P. Chekhov consists of three parts. Bottom is a writer as an ordinary person. In the middle part, he is among his heroes. At the top on the lyre is his bust, which consists of 300 of his heroes. This part is the most weighty and set in Germany, where Sergey Isakov together with his son presented his work. The sculptor recalled how to consider each detail, those present used magnifiers. In 2019, the lower part of the monument was transferred to the Hermitage Museum.

The mother’s monument is highly spiritual and at the same time airy. According to its creator, when a woman gives birth, the atmosphere is created around special — airy. At the top is a man and a woman kissing. At the very top they join a cross. The image of the mother is light and warm.

From personal life

, Sergey found His soulmate — Tatiana — in student years. The children were named after their parents Tanya and Serezha. They lived in Rostov on Don. Soon settled in modest Bataysk.

The family has church honours. Daughter Tatiana helps her father. The wife works for a charitable foundation. The son wants to be an architect.

Human images of

S. Isakov is a talented, single-minded and hard-working person. He became famous in Russia as well. His works are filled with humanity, spirituality. According to the sculptor, in Russian towns and villages there are not enough sculptures related to the specific history of these places. His dream remains the desire to decorate squares and squares with literary figures.

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