Sergey Artemyev: biography, creativity, career, personal life

From the biography

 Sergey Vasilyevich Artemyev was born in 1960 in Leningrad. The boy was named after the famous great-grandfather Sergey Malyutin, who first painted matryoshka. Taking part in the Palace of Pioneers, he participated in the Children’s Drawing Competition in India in 1969. Among the 2000 contestants, 6 works were selected, one of which must be printed on a stamp. It’s not his job chosen.

Future competitor

Important milestone in S. Artemyev — acquaintance with the artist A.I. Laktionov. He said of a ten-year-old boy that talent is there, it is necessary to learn. Sergey saw in the next room a young man who copied the painting, found him a mistake and told him. Alexander Ivanovich, hearing this, said that a competitor was growing. Further communication with the painter helped the teenager understand that everyone can draw, real artists become not everyone.

At the crossroads

After graduating from the physics and mathematics school, the search for ways to obtain education was long. First matmeh of the institute, then the Academy of Arts, the army and as a result the economy of road transport took over. I decided to study painting in my spare time. While studying at the University of Engineering and Economics, he attended the studio of S. Epstein, from which he graduated in 1984.

The world of portrait images of

S. Artemyev painted portraits of the most famous personalities:

Meeting with French fashion designer Pierre Cardin was appointed at the cafe. Cardin’s first reaction was in words that it was not a portrait, but a photograph. And huge surprise. Sergey was then told that with anyone the fashion designer doesn’t drink coffee.

In the portrait gallery of S. Artemyev is also collecting images.

The painting depicts a scantily clad girl. Clothing is a delicate blue-purple color closed shape. She’s wearing a specific headdress and a special bandage on her forehead. Tilting the head, brooding supports a lit candle. What is she thinking? Looking at this portrait, each person will replenish his associational baggage of wisdom in his own way. This is how the viewer develops his artistic world.

An elderly man in a cotton jacket, having folded his hands in his lap, sits on a drawer at the door. A slightly detached look is directed somewhere to the side. He probably recalls a disjoyed childhood. Overall, there is some firmness of spirit in it. C. Artemyev says it’s a gathering image.

Scenic Corners

One of his favorite genres is landscape. He loves the small Motherland — Pavlovsk, Pushkin. A lot of traveling, drawing other corners of the globe.

Pavlovsk places since 1975 are familiar to the artist and loved by them. That’s how the winter guards look — the tree-giants, who kind of moved away from the rest. Now they in winter clothes stand, without flaking, on the post. Sunlight falls in the distance, behind them, and they are in the half-shade. Im good outdoors under clear winter skies. Winter will pass, summer will come, and they will live and watch for many more years.


moment captured on the painting is always an amazing time of day. The sun just gained strength releases the rays. The artist captured a double space: bright celestial light and half-shade among massive pines. The rays have already hit the glades, and it is light on them. Surprising tall pine trees with massive tops. The tremulous, radiant landscape reflects the grandeur and beauty of the morning forest.

Together believe

Man and dog sleep serendipitously. The poses are remarkably the same: on the right side both. The man is young, pleasant outward. Dressed easily in a likeness of a jacket and blue frayed jeans. A reliable friend didn’t drop it.

The painting raises a number of questions, associations and additional titles. What happened? How will the dream end? They are friendly. Not hurlers in trouble. Both are tired. Few paintings like this evoke the viewer’s previous and future impressions. I believe everything will be fine. It is remarkable that this work is a real subject of creative art.

Master class for society

S. Artemyev conducts workshops on painting in leisure departments, in children’s homes. For hours, people are immersed in the creative process and communication with the artist. Sergey Vasilyevich finds an individual approach to each participant. C. Artemyev holds a master class on painting and for the older children of the House of the Child. He shows children the magical transformations of paints, and they paint different animals with fascination.

Suffered because of talent

During the admission to the Union of Artists, the incoming puts up works, says a little about himself, his are asked to be removed. A few minutes later report — “accepted” or “not accepted”. And when Artemyev received, a lot of time passed. Finally, he was informed that he was not accepted — two votes were not enough. Members of the Art Council were convinced that these were photographs. He was advised to show all stages of work on canvas.

From personal life

, the

Family shares his fascination. Son and daughter are far from painting, but go to exhibitions of his father, who hopes that genes will manifest, because, as he says, “genes don’t crush your finger!”

Today Sergey Artemyev

gives pleasure and work in the specialty of accountant, and painting, to which he devotes up to five hours a day. The artist was offered a solo exhibition in China, after — in France. Talks are under way with Greece and Germany. He doesn’t part with creativity. There are many plans.

C. Artemyev is a famous artist whose paintings can argue with nature in reality. They are like pictures, so at first a little baffling, then surprising and eventually delighting.

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